Boys’ Tennis Prepares to Serve An Amazing Season


Simran Dadra, Reporter

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in March 2020, the world has been placed on a long pause. For over a year, the world has been stuck in a period of quarantine with no clear vision as to when normalcy will return. As the COVID-19 vaccine is becoming more and more accessible to civilians, normalcy is slowly but surely returning

One key part of this normalcy has been the return of sports in academic institutions. After the abrupt canceling of sports in the spring of last year, all high school sports have finally resumed session including boys’ tennis.

The return of sports has come just in time for the beginning of tennis season.

“COVID stopped our season early last year but I am happy to have a season this year even if it is short,” expressed team captain Owen Wenter.

“I am so happy and grateful that I am able to play tennis with my buddies and have a good time playing our sport,” he added.

As tennis season is commencing after a year of inactivity, players are working hard at getting their groove back.

“Performance wise, the boys are improving at a steady rate with the physical aspect of the sport,” added Coach Cortina.

“Our season was cut short last year which was my first year so I didn’t learn much and I wasn’t able to practice all of 2020 but when we came back, it all came back to us very fast,” stated senior Anthony Gomez.

“I haven’t performed as good as I wanted to but I know for a fact that I can do way better than I have shown so far,” he added.

Gomez also shared the importance of psyche in a sport as tough and demanding as tennis.

“Tennis is a hard sport but the mental part of it makes it even harder. You can do good but once you mess up and you get it in your head, your game is over,” reflected Gomez.

Selma High’s boys’ tennis is half way through their spring season with only six matches remaining. 

“I have won quite a few games and lost some too. I am looking forward to playing the teams that I lost to,” said Wenter.

Gomez too shared his excitement about playing against his rival schools such as Immanuel and Dinuba.

“I really just want to prove myself this season and give it all that I’ve got,” added Gomez.

As Selma High’s boys’ tennis team continues their season, make sure to send them your support and good wishes!