A Creative Touch

Ashley Matias Lopez, Reporter

With a darkened Q-tip, I gave him cheekbones and a defined jawline and smoothed the harsh edges of his face. I used an eraser to shave down the sharpness of his jaw and add highlights to his skin. I repeated the process until I perfected his facial features. After adding the final touches, I was proud of the finished portrait in front of me. 

Being an artist comes with many skills and a whole lot of creativity. I’ve drawn a variety of faces with many distinct facial features. Visual arts have been a big part of my life and have made a great impact on my imagination. I have utilized it for meaningful birthday presents and as a way of expressing myself in a unique manner. Sketching out my thoughts and ideas as my imagination pours out in front of me is vital for my form of communication. I am able to express various emotions, new ideas, and collective feelings. 

The arts have taught me to take risks and experiment with new techniques. It’s taught me you don’t need words or text to create something with meaning. It’s taught me how to focus on the details and how to stay organized. 

Most importantly, art has made me truly value the lives of others and has given me a form of empathy. When drawing a person I am able to see a glimpse of what they must be like and how they are portrayed. I scrutinize their proportions and try to understand their persona. I learn of their personal and individual traits. Focusing on the details such as a birthmark, a scar on their cheek, or a piercing allows me to discover their personality, thoughts, and beliefs.

I perceive the common highlights that make us human and like the distinctions in culture and qualities that make us exceptional. What’s more, it’s from art that I am ready to accept the variety and intricacy of individuals past a shallow surface and approach the world with an open heart and a receptive outlook.