Movie Review- “Run”

Julianna Colado, Co-Sports Editor

If you can’t already tell by the name of this movie, “Run” is perfect to capture a thrilling mood with a hint of mystery. 

Run begins with an opening scene of a mom (Diane) giving birth to her only daughter (Chloe) in a hospital. Right off the bat, the audience is introduced to Chloe’s countless medical conditions including asthma, diabetes, and more. A life full of controlled behavior, overly watched protection, and never-ending realization is in store for Chloe since birth.

Diane and Chloe live in a small isolated neighborhood where they live in only each other’s presence all of Chloe’s lifetime. 

However, reaching an end to her high school years, Chloe begins to dream of her future away from home. In hopes to attend the University of Washington, located four hours away from home, Chloe begins unraveling the underlying truths of her lifelong situation. 

The mood and impact of the movie are surely dramaticized through visual effects set by the producers. Morbid tones and dark lighting are key factors in a great thriller, and this movie captures the chills of the audience perfectly. 

As the storyline continues, Chloe’s growth and maturity lead her to becoming less and less naive to her mother’s control over her life. Little by little, the pieces begin to connect and lies upon lies are exposed. 

If you’re looking for a mysterious yet thrilling movie to give you the chills but not leave you traumatized to sleep by yourself, you’ve found yourself a perfect movie!