Letter to Myself



Hello there! How’s your anxiety doing now? Are you still dwelling on what happened in the past? 

It’s time to let that go. It’s actually time you let anxiety stop taking over your life. Become a stronger person. Remember, anxiety can’t kill you! 

You always dwell on the things that have happened in the past and get yourself nervous for no reason. This is a really bad habit and I hope it is resolved by now. There are always going to be good and bad things in life, but the stuff that you keep thinking about is something that has already been done with and there’s no need to go back and revisit. Bringing in negative thoughts makes it worse and you know that. 


There are a few things that I hope you have worked on: 

  1. Don’t let anxiety get in the way of your happiness. 
  2. Don’t overthink ANYTHING. 
  3. Shutting people out of your life won’t help you get better like that. What will is surrounding yourself with people who make you happy. 


You have been through many things and always find a way to get through it. You are a strong girl who is capable of doing anything! Enjoy your life and think of the great people you have in your life who care and love you so much! I can’t wait to see the woman you become!