Movie Review – Prisoners

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Jashandeep Gill, Kaleidoscope Editor

Prisoners is a movie that will keep you thinking into the big mystery of how these two young girls disappear on Thanksgiving. 

It starts off by the two girls playing inside this van down the street and they vanish. The parents are looking for them and they are nowhere to be found. Later on that same day, the same van was found with a guy in the driver’s seat. This time, the two girls were nowhere to be found in the van. The big mystery then leads to, “what happened to the two girls?” 

If I keep going, it will be spoiled.

The way the director, Denis Villeneuve, made this movie was intense. The girls disappearing is a big point in the movie. It will grab the watcher’s attention and have them thinking into different ideas on who could be the unsub. The way this film ended was definitely something that I didn’t expect. 

Prisoners is set in the winter and it is set in a morbid type of mood. It gives us the sense of something terrible is going to happen. The characters are all great at acting especially for when the girls went missing. A key thing in movies is the acting because a great movie won’t be good if there is terrible acting. 

There is one lesson that can be learned from the movie. We should never involve ourselves in things we know nothing about. For example, the two young girls had no clue who the van belonged to, yet they started playing in it. Kidnapping is a real thing in this world and we should protect ourselves from being taken away. This was a trap for them and they felt for it. We, as humans, should think twice before our actions, to be prevented from bad things happening such as abduction. 

This movie is available on Hulu, Prime, iTunes, YouTube, and Google Play.

I am a fan of watching mystery/thriller movies and this one was interesting and how it was played out. 

10/10 recommended. The ending will have you shocked.