On the Topic of Pro Sports: Wrestle Mania?

Adriana Rubio, Reporter

When the conversation of pro sports is brought up at the dinner table, you may have heard these phrases: “Who’s going to the Super Bowl this year?” or “Did you hear about the Heat’s loss this weekend?” On the rare occasion do we ever hear, “What about Wrestle Mania?”

We’ve all heard of WWE before, which stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. Yet, oftentimes, it’s not commonly brought up in the topic of Pro Sports. 

WWE undergoes segments of individual and tag-team matches, along with pay-per-view events starring multiple wrestlers. Examples of these events include WrestleMania and Money in the Bank, which usually compete for an in-show prize. The wrestlers strength-train rigorously and must maintain their health and composition thoroughly. They meet the physical qualifications of any Pro Sport athlete, but why is it commonly watched through an “I know it’s not a real sport, but…” lens?

WWE is unique as it is entertainment-based. The wrestlers are often story-line driven and scripted, along with the choreographed matches. It is a form of physical theater, with the intent of telling a story.

Although, many fans can agree that WWE is admired for their physical talents. If not performed correctly, the wrestlers could be at risk of serious injury, just as any athlete would. WWE is, arguably, diverse for the audience to focus on either the monumental front headlock or why John Cena let Roman Reigns win the match out of companionship. 

It’s questionable whether or not WWE is considered a pro sport, but one thing is certain: Many watchers can identify with one wrestler for decades to come.