What To Binge


Ashley Matias Lopez, Reporter

Being stuck at home all day provides an ideal place to grab some blankets and snacks to binge watch some shows. Here are a few exciting shows you must watch!


Teen Wolf

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video, Vudu

Length: 6 seasons

Scott McCall is an ordinary high school student living in the town of Beacon Hills, California. Suffering from asthma and living with his single mother, his life is soon drastically changed when he is attacked one night in the woods. After being bitten by a werewolf, Scott must come to terms with his newfound identity while balancing the life of high school and the supernatural threats that terrorize his town. Along the way, Scott learns the true power of friendship, love, leadership, trust, and what it takes to protect the ones you love.


The Vampire Diaries

Where to Watch: Netflix

Length: 8 seasons

The life of Elena Gilbert gets even more complicated following the tragic death of her parents when she falls in love with Stefan Salvatore. He is the mysterious and handsome new kid at school that she feels weirdly drawn to. Little does she know that he is a centuries old vampire that also can’t seem to get enough of her. After discovering his shocking secret, she must learn how to cope with the existence of the supernatural. Elena and her friends are then soon thrown into the supernatural world of Mystic Falls and into the threats that wreak havoc upon humanity.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Where to Watch: Netflix

Length: 4 seasons

Being half-human and half-witch doesn’t come so easy for teenager Sabrina Spellman. She must learn to balance the witch world of her family and the mortal world of her friends. With this, comes utilizing her keen source of magic to go up against the evil forces that threaten her. When her two worlds collide, she will stop at nothing to protect those she cares about, even if it comes with a price.


Julie and the Phantoms

Where to Watch: Netflix

Length: 1 season

Teenager Julie lost her passion for music when she lost her mom. Her passion quickly returned when a group of ghostly boys from a former band called Sunset Curve appeared in her life. Their passion for music lifted her own as they began writing songs together and realized that while performing, they can be seen and heard. With Julie’s help, their love for music continues to live on even if they do not.