Rating 6 Boba Flavors I’ve Tried


Adriana Rubio, Reporter

Boba pearls are made of tapioca starch that originally comes from the Cassava root, found in Southern Brazil. It’s usually paired with a flavored tea mixed with sugar that allows a variety to choose from.


  • Winter melon

More on the sweet side of things. Winter Melon originates from a traditional Chinese melon that caramelizes very vanilla-y. Went into it expecting a fruity watermelon milk tea with a quirky name, but was satisfyingly surprised. Would recommend it if you want to explore boba flavors. Bonus points for foam.


Rating: 7/10


  • Taro

The first flavor of boba I was introduced to. More of a comfort flavor. Taro originates from the root of the Taro plant, which has a bitter flavor until mixed with sugar and milk. Has distinct tastes of cotton candy. Would recommend it for a first-time boba tryer.


Rating: 8/10


  • Mocha/Coffee

A pretty obvious flavor. Depending on the boba place you try, sweetness differs. Basic, to say the least. Would recommend it for someone who is hesitant to try boba or has an overall cranky personality. Go-to order for my mom.


Rating:  5/10


  • Thai Milk

Not my go-to, but isn’t bad. Thai tea is a more strong-brewed version of black tea, sweetened at most boba places with sugar and condensed milk. Definitely traditional. I would recommend this to someone who likes to stay in their comfort zone and need a little energy in their day.


Rating: 6/10


  • Lychee

The “popular girl” of fruit-flavored boba tea. Lychee is one of my favorite fruits, so I had to try this flavor. Lychee is a sweet Chinese fruit that is known for its tartness. Perfect for a hot summer’s day.


Rating: 7/10


  • Tiger Milk Tea (Brown Sugar)

Best flavor, hands down. The perfect mixture of sweetness from the brown sugar and maturity from the milk and oolong/black tea. My personal favorite way to order this is Tigar Sugar tea with boba, 50% sweetness and lite ice. Try it!


Rating: 11/10