Unpopular Opinion: Artificial Grape Flavor is Delicious

Veronica Botros, Reporter

Although grape flavoring does not exactly mimic the taste of real fruit, the artificial flavor is almost familiar. Grape flavoring does not taste like grapes. It tastes like “purple.”

Artificial grape flavoring to some might be identical to the taste of medicine, but to others like myself it’s a go to choice. 

Purple is the one color that has many different associations such as mystery. It is also the one color that is not seen very often in nature which makes it that much more captivating. 

When choosing between all the different colors of ice pops, purple has to be the one to go for. Grape flavoring has an incomparable taste to it. 

Most candies or sodas taste at least vaguely like what they are supposed to. Lemon tastes like lemon, orange tastes like orange, banana tastes like bananas…you get the idea. 

But grape…grape flavored things never tasted like grapes. Grape flavored things are their own unparalleled flavor. 

Grape flavoring is one-of-a-kind. It’s different. Grape flavoring is its own distinctive flavor.

So the next time you go to choose a candy flavor, grape flavor is the way to go.