High School Student Rafael Mendoza Shows Resilience

Lovleen Sahota, Reporter

Working during this unprecedented time has been both rewarding and stressful for students. Although places of business are taking precautions to protect staff, such as mandatory masks and social distancing, students are aware that the risk of contracting COVID-19 can’t be eliminated. Nevertheless, the pandemic hasn’t stopped working students. 

This school year amidst this global pandemic and distance learning, Selma High junior Rafael Mendoza has continued to grow in his job and distance learning. Rafael Mendoza has been working hard at the local Burger King despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Rafael Mendoza has had this job for about four months now. 

“Wanting to be able to pay for my own needs motivated me to get this job,” emphasized Mendoza. 

Through this pandemic, Mendoza has discovered that “Being able to work as a team and being surrounded by my interesting coworkers has become one of the best parts of my job.” Throughout the few months that Rafael has been working, he expounded on how this job has helped him develop more. 

“This job has helped me grow as a person by being able to manage my time wisely and know how to deal with everyday problems that may come my way” added, Mendoza. 

In addition to his job, Rafael balances schoolwork and its responsibilities.

 “Although having a job taught me a lot more responsibility, trying to adjust to distance learning this year was somewhat stressful because of tech issues and the distractions that I get during school hours at home,” explains Mendoza.  

“I believe that I can speak for the majority of students when I say that parents/guardians expect us to do a lot more now that we are home all day. But it’s not just the parents. I feel like we are being given a little more work than what we have usually been given by some teachers, maybe because they may think we don’t have anything else to do during the day, but I am here to say that we also have lives outside of school too,” states Rafael. 

This pandemic has been difficult for many, but it has also shown the resilience of working students such as Rafael Mendoza.