Nightmare on Wright Street Spooks Community


Leadership students patiently wait for the next car to scare at the spooky drive-in. Photos Contributed by Lexi Orosco

Chloe Mendoza, Co-Editor in Chief

Selma High School’s ASB Leadership class put on a spooktacular Halloween-themed drive entitled Nightmare on Wright Street on October 30, 2020. SHS students, staff, and community members came together for a scenic socially-distant drive-in. The drive-in began at the SHS staff parking lot and ended at SUSD parking lot leading to Thompson Street. 

Attendees enjoyed various themed scenes including IT by Stephen King, Nightmare Before Christmas, and the bloody SHS dentist. This event was the product of SHS leadership class’s hard work and dedication. Students built props, decorated the driveway, and acted as scarers. 

“In order to make the event possible we had to be creative and work hard. We wanted to deliver something that was safe but fun for all,” said freshman Mariah Ramirez. “We all worked together and shared ideas, because of that we were able to get it done and put on a great show for the community.” 

The leadership class is typically in charge of putting together unifying and fun activities for the campus and community. This year has been quite different. 

“As there hadn’t been any large events due to COVID-19, the purpose of this event was to have something where the students and community could participate and help boost the morale of the school themselves,” stated ASB President Navanni Rizo. 

Leadership students thought it was important to put on an event to

bring both the campus and community tog

ether through trying times, while still staying safe. 

“I think this impacted the community by people getting out of their house and coming to something fun and showing we can do stuff in a safe way without having people being so close to each other,” remarked sophomore Marissa Vasquez. 

The drive-in provided the perfect opportunity for students to bring joy and fright to the lives of their peers and loved ones. 

“I hoped that everyone that went through had a great time with their family,” stated junior Kayla Mendoza.

Of course the event wasn’t without its obstacles. The leadership team was pressed for time in the end, as this was a change of direction for the event. 

“With COVID all our planning had to be done virtually, so personally the only obstacle I felt we faced was preparing for it,” recalled Ramirez.  “Regardless of the obstacles faced they were worth it, seeing the smiles on my community members told me we did an awesome job for them.”

In the end the event fulfilled its intended purpose, it brought happiness to those that attended. 

“I hope all the people who went to the event were able to get enjoyment out of it or fright I might say. That the community is going to always be together through these tough times,” stated Rizo.