Selma High Facilities Takes on a New Look

Julianna Colado, Co-Sports Editor

As our everyday lives have been spontaneously placed on hold, Selma High School has used this spare time to add and create new facilities all throughout the campus to welcome back its students and community this upcoming semester. During the 2019-2020 school year, the SHS football and track field along with the new weight room were completely renovated, and began the chain of new improvements to the campus’s facilities that are now taking place. 

Randy Esraelian, Athletic Director, has taken charge of these present projects and is excited for the new look of Selma High School once the new facilities are complete. 

“We’ve really had so much time on our hands during this distant learning, so we are really working hard to use it to our best advantage. Starting off small, we are slowly expanding the school murals all throughout the campus to really give the community a glimpse of our school spirit and talent. There will be one big one right on top of the gym entrance doors to welcome our guests to games and events with a nice SHS Bear logo. As for the interior of the gym, we have completely repainted and repolished the floors, as well as sanded the wood flooring down to really create a new gym floor. Little accessories for the gym, like class banners hanging from the ceiling are also being added to really tie it all together inside and out,” explained Esraelian. 

Celina Rodela and Esaul Barba have been working on the school murals for several months now, and have put in their own time and efforts into contributing to this big project. The SHS murals are being expanded and will serve as a presentation of the school’s arts and creativity. With the new stadium and weight room being almost completely done, little accessories like bear claws on the floor and TV setups on the walls of the new weight room are still in the works. The baseball field has also received few improvements by a whole new repainting and renovation of the dugouts to really tie together all sports in a spiritual and professional way. 

As for the community, attributions have been made by past graduating classes that have been extremely helpful during this tough financial crisis. 

“Obviously income, not having school events, has been a barrier for our wanted projects but we are doing the most out of what we have and we are all very excited for the final product of the campus.” stated Esraelian. “There are still more exciting projects we are waiting to do, but uncontrollable factors like the unpredictable weather have caused a few delays. Class flags are also being added to the ceiling of the gym floor to incorporate the freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior classes during games and events. The Leadership Team led by Mr. Lopez and Mr. Pallesi is working on this project and is doing a very good job.” 

New campus murals, gym floor, new weight room, stadium, and all the other little projects will tie together to create a new look for the SHS campus. The school along with the community is working very hard during this tough time to really welcome its students during their hopeful return this upcoming second semester. Though several events and community hobbies have been temporarily stopped, SHS is showing perseverance and determination as they are using a tough time to their advantage and showing positivity through this pandemic.