Next Stop: Graduation


Illustration by Ashley Matias Lopez

Simran Dadra, Reporter

August 15, 2017. For us seniors, that was our first day of freshman year. It’s hard to believe that it was only three short years ago that we walked onto the campus of Selma High as the confused and awkward freshmen we were.

It’s astonishing to think of how fast these past few years have flown by. Amidst the stress, the celebrations, the heartbreaks, and the pivotal realizations, we never realized how quickly the clock was ticking.

The arrival of senior year is the confirmation of the fact that our high school journey is approaching its end and to our disappointment it was nothing at all like High School Musical. Instead of singing and dancing like Troy and Gabby, our high school years were spent forsaking our sleep in the name of academics and extracurriculars.

Up to this point, high school has consisted of experiences both good and bad. These experiences have shaped us to be the people we are today. They served as major learning experiences for us in these past three years.

The personal growth we’ve faced from freshmen year to now has been tremendous. Our minds have expanded and our perspectives on life have shifted immensely on the course of this journey.

Some of us who entered high school with clear goals and ambitions are now questioning whether the journey they’ve chosen is indeed the correct one. On the other hand, those of us who entered highschool in puzzlement are now having epiphanies about their expectations of the future.

In the aspect of self discovery among students, high school has played a vital role. One of the most important things we can take away from our high school experience will be the personal development we’ve all experienced.

High school has established the foundation in which we will build the rest of our lives from whether it be attending college, going to trade school, or entering the workforce.

But of course, we have one final milestone to reach before all of that is decided, graduation.

Graduation is perhaps the most pivotal moment of our lives as young adults and it’s even a bit frightening as the time for graduation comes closer and closer. Graduation is the final stepping stone as we enter into the adult world. No longer do we remain children. The arrival of senior year is a reminder as to how our childhood is almost complete.

As our senior year commences, it’s time we appreciate the memories of our childhood and adolescence and prepare ourselves to embark into adulthood.