From Eagle to Bear


Dash Pandher, Reporter

No one expected this year to turn out the way it did, and it’s hard for everyone involved, but especially for new teachers. Not only do they have to adapt to a new class and school, they now also have to relearn how to teach! This challenge is daunting, but Mrs. Shauna Espinoza is not one to shy away from such a challenge.

Nothing less is expected, especially from a math teacher teaching online. Thankfully this isn’t her first rodeo as a teacher, nor is it her first time teaching online. Mrs. Espinoza worked at ALMS before coming to SHS, where they had started distance learning in spring. However, this is her first time being on Zoom at the start of school during her six years of full time teaching.

“I miss seeing my students in the classroom,” stated Mrs. Espinoza when asked what she found most difficult about Zoom. 

Mrs. Espinoza enjoyed her first day in the “classroom” and knew, despite the hardships that were coming, it was where she wanted to be.

My first day as a teacher was a little scary but exciting, “ said Mrs. Espinoza. “I knew it was the place I wanted to be, in the classroom.”

She also wants students to know that she will be there for them, just like how she would be if they were still in the classroom. They can easily reach her through Remind, email, and Zoom office hours.

That isn’t to say that technological issues aren’t relentless, but Mrs. Espinoza does not let that stop her. She’s a dedicated teacher who won’t let anything stop her from doing what she loves, and she will find a way around any problems that arise.

Considering her last career path before teaching, that isn’t shocking. Mrs. Espinoza was an engineer for 12 years! She knows how to work around problems and find solutions.

Not only is she incredibly passionate and an amazing problem solver, she is kind and caring towards friends, family, students, and just about everyone.

That’s not to say she doesn’t get bored, and with the stay at home order, Mrs. Espinoza needed to keep herself entertained.

“I enjoyed playing some video games during this shelter at home time,” revealed Mrs. Espinoza. “I can also knit and crochet.”

While Mrs. Espinoza was able to keep herself entertained, it doesn’t mean there aren’t things she misses from before the pandemic.

She enjoyed bowling with her husband and misses it.

“We were in a league and were supposed to be starting another one last May,” stated Mrs. Espinoza. 

The stay at home order was boring, but now she has some action in her life. Not all of it is necessarily good, as her parents had to evacuate their home due to the Creek Fire. Thankfully their home is okay.

Mrs. Espinoza’s brother is a civil engineer that lives in Sacramento with his fiance. It seems that engineering runs in the family.

Mrs. Espinoza is from the valley, and her husband is from Dinuba. His parents moved from Michoacán, but they still have a home in Mexico.

Mrs. and Mr. Espinoza have four furry children. Two dogs and two cats, making them a big family of six.

Finally, Mrs. Espinoza wants to ask her students what their favorite chips are. She personally enjoys Takis, the purple bag to be exact.