Online School Tips

Ari Matias Perez, Co-Editor in Chief, Co-News Editor

As we get used to online schooling, it’s essential to be fully prepared.  These are unpredictable times, however, there are things we, as students, can do to make class go smoothly.  Here we have compiled a list of helpful tips you can apply to your everyday life!

  1. Charge all devices needed for school the night before!
  2. Have an organized station for class time and homework!
  3. Create a schedule so you don’t fall behind on work!
  4. Keep an organized planner!
  5. Wake up early to be fully awake and avoid being late.
  6. Be respectful to your teachers and classmates!
  7. Be patient and keep in mind that everyone is new to online classes.
  8. Despite having online classes, try to create new friendships!
  9. Put your phone aside and clear all distractions during class!
  10. Get up and stretch between classes and given breaks!