New School Year, New Editors-in-Chief for Clarion

Jacqueline Martinez, Reporter

With the school year sadly being cut short, life has had to continue in an abstract form, mainly stopping our regular routines. That doesn’t stop any planning for the upcoming school year though. Recently, Mr. Castle, The Clarion’s advisor, has announced Ariadna Matías Perez and Chloe Mendoza will be next year’s Co-editors-in-chief for the school newspaper.

“Chloe and Ari are amazing leaders, excellent writers, and care so much about Selma High School and The Clarion.” explains Castle.

He believes that they’re the exact people that can lead Clarion to another great year.

“Their work ethic will also set the pace next year, and I’m looking forward to what’s to come under their leadership,” Castle says.

Clarion’s new Co-Editors-in-Chief feel the same way and are ready as they can be.

“Mr. Castle, Chloe and I will continue to work, even during this time, to ensure that we have a smooth transition into whatever is headed our way. Whether that be going back to school or not, we’ll all be prepared,” Perez discloses.

Both editors are enthusiastic for their new leadership roles and seem to have everything under control.

 “I look forward to learning many news things along Ari’s side, working with all the Clarion students, and having a meaningful year!” conveys Mendoza.

Chloe Mendoza
Ari Matias Perez