This Year’s CNA Class on Hold

Mia Salinas, Reporter/Layout Editor

As the coronavirus outbreak has nearly shut everything down, including Selma High, so many things have been affected. From graduation, prom, and grad night to classes and club trips. One of the many classes that has been negatively impacted by this shutdown is the CNA class program that we have on campus. The Certified Nursing Assistant program is one of the numerous beneficial classes that are offered at Selma High as it provides a head start for the teens who are involved and committed.

One of the many benefits of taking the CNA course is the hands on experience and resources for college and local EMT programs. In medical terminology, students learn common medical terms essential for safe patient care and by doing so, they can eventually become first aid CPR certified.

By the end of the year, they were expected to complete 100 hours of clinical practice. By the time CNA students completed this course it would be expected for them to be prepared to take the state test that is required to receive certification, meaning they would soon become certified nursing assistants. This would provide a fundamental head start for the teens planning to go into careers in the medical field.

“On the first day of class, I was really nervous and didn’t know what to expect,” said senior Danielle Leon, “but before I knew it, we became a family.”

As a sophomore in medical terminology, Danielle knew the CNA class would be a great start to her future goals as she was interested in pursuing a career in nursing.

As a class, they participate in hands-on activities including taking blood pressure, changing each other’s briefs (adult diapers) for practice and learning to trust one another through a series of classroom activities.

Four times a week, CNA students leave off campus to the Bethel Lutheran Home in order to get the clinical experience needed with residents in the nursing home. These visits classify as the clinical hours needed for certification. Since this is a long-term commitment for high schoolers, the students have spent a lot of time getting to know each other, their instructor, and the community of the nursing home.

“I’m really bummed that our senior year has been cut short,” states senior Eddie Avalos. “This year is one that we won’t forget, especially for us seniors.”

CNA instructor Mrs. Chambers is working really hard to make sure the year can end on a positive note but students are still uncertain if they will be able to become certified since their hours have not been completed. As of right now, nothing has been decided but it might be a possibility that students may be able to complete their hours in the summer.

“This year’s group of seniors were fun and eager to learn,” explains Ms. Chambers, “We communicate frequently and check to ensure that everyone is doing well.”

Although their time at the nursing home has been placed on hold, the students continue to practice skills and submit them via video. The CNA class of 2020 is determined to finish strong despite the complications they have encountered.