FFA Grows a Bigger Future

Clarice Flores, Reporter

The FFA program here at Selma High is becoming a stronger community on campus. For students who are not familiar with this program, it is a national organization that focuses on a variety of opportunities ranging from floral, raising animals, welding leadership, and public speaking. Some may misinterpret FFA as a program for only involving strict farm work, when in reality they offer so much academically.

“Most people believe, that we only participate in showing animals or growing fruit, or for those who’re in FFA, participate in all the activities,” expressed senior Dale Fransen “Realistically, there is a broad range of opportunities in FFA and many people participate in different activities ranging from science, welding, floral, speaking, and leadership.”

Through the program they are involved in tasks that have benefited FFA students in a variety of ways through their future plans and current academics.

“I originally joined this program when I was talking to my grandpa,” explained sophomore Kendall Hinton. “I talked to him the night before he passed, so when I found out the news, I knew for sure I had to join, and ever since then I’ve loved being in FFA. I’m proud to be carrying the FFA legacy in my family.”

For FFA students, they’re introduced to ideas that challenge them to participate more academically and publically. It also brings them to fulfill competitive standards that have given them all opportunity to win competitions and learn from their mistakes throughout the year.

“I have enjoyed this program because it gives me opportunities to learn new skills and compete with other students and schools,” expressed Fransen. “I have the opportunity to learn more about agriculture, welding, and leadership. I’ve also visited new places and met many new friends through FFA.”

Students who gave FFA a chance expressed widely that FFA brings them towards unexpected future plans. A few have said they didn’t expect themselves to be interested at first, but they said themselves they’re engaged deeply in the subjects. They have been able to use their resources to gain knowledge about agriculture and have not regretted the experience.

“I’ve been an FFA member for the last three years,” said junior Michael Schilling. “The original reason I joined was to go to Cal Poly and succeed through the agriculture major. Even though my mind has changed into now going into the military, I’ve loved being part of a team and being able to continue my plans into going into the ag industry someday.”

Here on campus, three advisors that are the leaders of FFA, Mrs. Calvert, Mrs Chambers, and Mrs. Mendes have worked hard to make sure FFA is a place to thrive and to love the fundamentals of agriculture. According to the FFA students, these teachers have developed an atmosphere for everyone to be able to learn from their mistakes and engage in public speaking. 

“I love everything I’m learning in my class. It’s a lot of work but I have realised that it is worth it,” explains Fransen.

In many ways FFA has been a program that has been welcoming new incoming members to join and experience the positive environment that they provide. For Selma High students it’s not only their future but their way of life.

“It’s been running in my family for a long time and I would love to continue this path from my ancestors.” said Hiton. “Since joining the AG world, I really don’t see myself doing anything else besides being in this industry.” 

Because of Selma High’s FFA program, these students will one day see their agriculture lifestyle in a brighter future.