Baskin Robbins Review: Triple Mango

Hey, it’s Brandi! Triple Mango is the flavor of the month for March. This flavor was not at all like the previous ones. It was far from the usual mouth-watering, addicting, give-me-more flavors Anna and I have tasted. I was pretty disappointed because I like mango flavor, but this ice-cream was definitely not flattering to my tastebuds. Anna and I couldn’t even finish our cup – we just threw our ice-cream away LOL. In my opinion, this was by far, the worst ice-cream flavor of the month have ever tried. It’s something about tropical fruit flavoring and ice-cream..THEY DON’T BELONG TOGETHER! Now, I love tropical fruit, and I love ice-cream, but the two simply taste best on their lonesome. This ice-cream flavor should be illegal. Rate: 1/10 

Hey all! It’s Anna! So, by now you know that the flavor of the month was Triple Mango. I was skeptical from the get-go because I’m not the biggest fan of mango. And, let me tell you… this ice cream was far worse than I ever could have imagined. First off, the ice cream had a rather odd texture. The mango made it gooey and thick, but not in a good way. I took a single bite and gagged almost immediately. I can’t even explain to you how gross it was. If it was ice cream with a hint of mango, all would have been okay. However, the mango was strong and way too overpowering. I’ve come to the conclusion that mango is good in smoothies, but should never, NEVER be used in ice cream. I wanted to cry after tasting this. Sorry. I give this ice cream a 0.5/10.