Interact Serves Our Community


The Interact team is planting flowers in Selma downtown.

Jashan Gill, Kaleidoscope Editor

The Interact Rotary Club is an organization on campus that encourages the younger generation to be involved in the community. This is a great way for the children to be apart of something new that will benefit them. Interact aims to do community work in any way possible. They want to make a difference in the community and school.

Interact has been apart of Selma High for about 30 years now. They have done community service such as helping filled food baskets for Selma Cares, litter clean up on our local streets and highways, helping the band festival, prepare Thanksgiving dinner, and serve at the elementary school track meets. 

Harold Phillips is one of the main advisors for Interact and explains how Interact works all around. 

“Each Interact club can choose to help the community according to their needs,” said Mr. Phillips. 

The Rotary Club is very important to the community and making sure everyone gets what they need. The Rotary’s motto is “Service Above Self.”

“Being of service to our community and the world in general is the primary reason for rotary’s existence,” said advisor Harold Phillips.

Also President Simran Sahota said, “The Interact club exists to not only affect change locally but internationally as well.”

Interact sponsors mentor and guide interactors as they carry out projects and develop leadership skills. Active Interact clubs organize at least two projects a year. 

Interact has some plans for the future and one major one is to have a teacher at the high school to be an advisor with other Rotary members!