Winter Guard Aims High For New Season


The Selma High Winter Guard for the 2020 season poses for a photo at their first competition. Photo contributed by Marlene Mijangos

Noelle Marroquin, Reporter

On Saturday, January 25 the Selma High Winter Guard performed at Clovis East High School, as part of the SJVCGPR 2020 season. The group placed second in the Scholastic A bracket with their show entitled “Hold Me.”

The show is based on the concept of being lost and reaching out for someone to help you escape the devastating situation you are faced with.

“It’s a show that everyone can relate to,” explains sophomore Elisa Avila. “[We’re really trying] to portray an isolated person truly reaching for someone to tell them that they are there for them through the good and bad of life.”

The group has to perform using a mixture of dance, equipment, and acting. The most challenging part is being able to utilize all of these seamlessly with each member of the group playing a part.

“I play a part where I’m trying to reach out to someone to help me, but there’s no one there to hold me,” states sophomore Kristiana Torres, who begins the show as a lone soloist surrounded by the rest of the group.

While some members dance and act, others use rifles and sabres to perform tricks at the same time. All of the members must work together as a cohesive unit to keep themselves both coordinated and safe.

“This year, we are all so much closer and [really] understand each other,” elaborated senior Marlene Mijangos. “We aren’t fourteen different members but one whole group.”

This year the group welcomed some important members to the team, their two new instructors, Daisy Gonzalez and Taylor Hopfer.

“They have a very different way of teaching compared to our last instructor, but I’m very happy with them and the standards they have for us,” Mijangos shared enthusiastically. 

Both Gonzalez and Hopfer have a different teaching style than the group’s old instructor, but aim to challenge each individual to fulfill their highest potential. As a whole, the group has high hopes for the season, both in terms of personal and team growth.

“I hope to have a better understanding of not only the girls but myself,” expressed senior Pebbles Wingfield. “With this show we connect on a deeper level which we haven’t done before and hopefully this will benefit us both in the rest of our season and also in the future.”

The girls are set to perform next at Buchanan High School on February 7, 2020 in the same bracket of Scholastic A.

“I want the girls to know that I will miss them dearly and support them whenever they need me,” Wingfield states. “Go Bears!”