APEX Helps Improve Future Of Our Community


Jacqueline Martinez, Reporter

APEX is a club on campus that started around 20 years ago. It is now directed by the advisor, Mrs. Peña, one of the biology teachers here at Selma High. It recruits numerous club members who join to discover more about colleges by visiting them on a three day, two night trip. APEX club members must complete at least eight hours of community service and fundraise in order to go on the trip. 

“We usually just do snack packs or coupon books. We have done See’s Candies and car washes in the past. Anything that will help raise us money,” clarified advisor Mrs. Peña. 

Being able to visit these colleges towards the end of the year really inspires the students to help their community.

In order to be able to stay in the club, students must sustain a 3.5 GPA or higher throughout the school year. Considering this rule, it motivates APEX students to take school more seriously and focus on what’s important to them academically and socially. By doing community service, APEX students can expand their horizons not only for themselves but for those they choose to help. 

“I like how involved it is with the school, not just the school but with the community as well,” expressed club member Lovleen Sahota. 

APEX is mainly focusing on tutoring students at Jackson Elementary this school year. 

“It’s fun to tutor them because they’re so innocent and you never really know what they’re going to say,” elaborated club member Andrew Rodriguez.

The members feel very avid in being able to help the children in need of a helping hand and don’t feel as if they are obligated to. Plus it might look good on college applications. “I actually enjoy the satisfaction on the students’ faces when they solve their issue all on their own with a little guidance,” mentioned the club’s vice president, Gurpreet Kaur.

While most club members do enjoy the fact that they are able to help their small hometown, other APEX students are fond of being given the opportunity to visit colleges. 

“I’ve been in APEX all four years and my favorite part about it is getting to go to different colleges and seeing which one fits me personally,” added Kaur. 

All in all, APEX is a club with a welcoming environment for students to join and help their district when in need, while giving students opportunities for their future in college.