FNL: People with a Passion


FNL at their Christmas meeting in December.

James Jensen, Reporter

Community service is one of the most important things we can do for the world. There are many clubs on and off campus that help out the community. The Friday Night Live club on campus is a perfect example of this.

“FNL is designed for many age groups,” Danielle Uribe

FNL is a club that can be started and many grade levels. From elementary school to your college years. The clubs though have different names. In elementary it is call “FNL Kids”, and Middle school “Club Live” and High school “FNL” These club can even be started at your local church or community center. 

FNL is a part of the Youth Leadership Institute. Focusing on the injustices that affect young and low income people of color. FNL works to address underage drinking and substance abuse. The club members work together to identify problems in their community, conduct research and use media and policy campaigns. The YLI supports many bills that are presented to the state legislature. 

This is not just a club in Selma. Their organization spans 50 counties in California.

“FNL is a club that encourages students in many aspects of life … to tap into their leadership and advocacy skills that all young people have”, said Danielle Uribe.

In the past the FNL club has gone to the Selma city council to make changes in the community. They brought up to the city the issues with having large amounts of alcohol signage around school. They were able to get the city to have businesses limit the amount of signage. They also petitioned the city to ban smoking in city parks. On May 4th, 2018, the Selma City Council passed this into effect. Now that this has passed in Selma, the Selma club is working with the clubs in Kerman and at Edison High School in Fresno to make this a county wide change.

Club advisor Mrs. Loving along with their adult ally Daniel Gonzales are proud of what this club and its members have been able to do.

“I love the club because i love the involvement that students are putting into the club not only on campus and the community but also in themselves. I really see the improvement in them” Mrs.Loving.

Along with this there is a bigger spectrum of Youth leaders from all across Fresno county who come together to for the “YALL” Youth Advocacy leadership League. FNL club leaders go to these meetings once a week. They hold county wide campaigns to prevent underage drinking. The campaign this year was called #iwontprovide. This was aimed at college aged young adults. It talks about how to drink responsibly and asks them not to buy alcohol for underaged people. They want people to be a part of the solution to this problem. 

Earlier this year the club had a booth at lunch where you would sign a pledge saying they would not drink and drive. They gave out red ribbons to the people who signed the pledge.

If you want to get involved and help with these of service opportunity, FNL might just be the club for you. FNL hold meetings every Tuesday at lunch in Mrs. Loving’s room.