Competing as a Team. Running as a Family


Boys Cross Country racing to the finish. Photo contributed by Mari Vasquez

Brendan Roberts, Reporter

The Selma High Cross Country team is continuing to have an outstanding season as they currently rank second in their league. During their recent meet in Reedley on October 24th, Varsity placed seventh while JV placed third.

Many of the athletes have past experience with running in cross country, only making the team more competitive as they take on other schools.

“My sister motivated me to join cross country, and so I’ve been doing it my full four years of high school,” said team captain Mari Vasquez.

Some members just wanted to try a new sport after competing in something similar such as track.

“I’ve been doing track for quite a while and Coach Hensen told me to try out for cross country,” stated junior Daniel Ayala. “I wanted to see how good I am and to try a different type of experience.”

By running throughout the town of Selma as their practice, everyday each runner progresses further and further as they constantly work at getting their time as low as possible in the three mile race. 

This hard work and dedication displayed by the runners has translated to many of them medaling at the various meets even when competing against schools such as Immanuel or Central Valley Christian.

“Everyone puts in their hardest work because they want to achieve something. They want to beat their time. They want to better themselves,” said junior Yahir Venegas.

Not only has the team improved in their running skills, but they have also begun to bond more as a family, coming closer together as the season goes by. 

“We have accomplished getting along better and bonding more. The whole team has their difficulties, but they get through them. They are trying their best, and they always want to show the coach that they want to be there,” said Vasquez.

Beyond running, the entire cross country team is building relationships and making memories that will last them a lifetime.

”When we run together, we’re all connected and I’m going to take that with me for the rest of my life,” concluded freshman Romana Atkinson.