Bears On Campus

Julianna Colado, Co-Sports Editor

Question: What is the most embarrassing way you’ve been injured?


Makayla Rodela: “I was trying to catch a kickball, but instead my finger bent back and it broke.”

Karanvir Gill: “I was running home because I was being chased by a dog and I tripped and scraped my knee.”



Abi Baker: “I was swimming without goggles and I swam into the wall and chipped my tooth, but I got it fixed now!”

Edgar Moreno: “Me and my brother were messing around and he squished my arm in the door and broke it.”



Navanni Rizo: “I stapled my finger two weeks ago in math and I lowkey cried.”

Aj Montijo: “I was messing with a knife and I sliced my thumb open.”



Laura Herrera: “I got my heart broken and it hurt on the inside”

Jason Porras: “In third grade, I was trying to do a trick on my scooter and I fell face-first in the middle of the street.”



Ms. Loucks: “I was being cocky and thought I could ride a hoverboard and I fell off and got a concussion.”

Mr. Garcia: “My freshmen year I was trying to impress some girls by riding a bike with no hands and I ran over a rock, flew off and scraped my knee.”