A Harvest of Memories


Simran Dadra, Reporter

When thinking of Thanksgiving, many pleasant memories come to the mind.  Whether it be the thought of a delicious Thanksgiving feast, the classic tradition of watching football, or all things pumpkin spice, Thanksgiving is truly one of the most joyous occasions of the year.

However in my life, a very important event occurs during the time of Thanksgiving, my parent’s marriage anniversary.  My parent’s anniversary falls on November 22nd and this year they will be commemorating their 21st anniversary. 

In past years, their anniversary has fallen exactly on Thanksgiving Day.  Due to this, all of my Thanksgiving celebrations have been a celebration of my parents’ successful marriage.  It is one of the only times in the year where my family and I are able to make time amidst our busy, hectic schedules and spend quality time with one another.

Our annual Thanksgiving tradition is hosting a party for our parent’s anniversary.  Out of all my childhood memories, celebrating my parent’s anniversary on Thanksgiving definitely stands out the most to me.  For me, Thanksgiving day is synonymous to my dad’s “world famous” barbecue chicken, a sweet vanilla sheet cake, and a night filled with dancing, laughter, and bliss shared among my parents, three sisters, and me.

It’s reminiscent of the innocence we shared as a family and it serves as a reminder of how our lives were so simple and sweet as children in comparison to now.  It was a time in our lives that was filled with sheer happiness.

My parents’ marriage and their love for one another is the foundation for my close knit family.  They began forming this family 21 years ago and to this day our love for one another continues to grow.  If anything, celebrating their relationship and witnessing the milestones they’ve achieved over the years has set my own expectations for a family of my own one day as extremely high.

The love my parents express for one another has accounted for the reason as to why my sisters’ and I experienced a great childhood.  My parent’s relationship has given me the greatest gift of all, a family and memories I will cherish forever, therefore I am glad I am able to express my gratitude to them on the day it matters most every year.