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Track Runs Through A Successful Season


Track had a great season with players winning Valley and some even moving on to Masters. Satvir Cheema, a senior, was given the award of the Best Track and Field Athlete of the Year. He was chosen for this because he strived hard from the beginning of the season to the end by winning Valley and moving on to Masters. This couldn’t have happened without the help of his coach and by him training to the hardest of his ability.

“The coach pushes me everytime and helps me fix my technique,” said Cheema. “ I also go by myself out to the track and practice in my own time so I can hope to achieve winning Masters.”

The coach didn’t just help this individual but helped everybody else.

“He’s prepared us by giving us workouts that improved our endurance and speed,” stated freshman Daniel Ayala. “Although it may have been difficult at certain points, it overall helped us out in the long run.”

The coach had challenged his players so they can achieve new personal records.

“I want them to challenge themselves mentally and physically, because when you run too long it can hurt especially when you can’t breathe, so you have to be able to push through the pain,” said coach Reyes.

The team was supported by one another when somebody needed help or motivation.

“This team was great at supporting each other and working hard,” said freshman David Perez.

Although track is an individual sport the team comes together at times to help one another and motivate them to finish strong.

“Track is both an individual, but can sometimes be a team sport,” said Perez. “We work together on some events but all support each other.”

This being the last year for seniors and playing all four years, this year has been the best years for most of the players.

“This years team was really committed, which is a really good thing,” said senior Jason Vasquez. “This will help the team next year become even better.”

Even for some freshman and some returners, they had the best time this season enjoying their first, second, or third year.

“Our track season was very good, we all tried our best, had fun, and most of us won many events,” said Ayala.

The coach is even excited about working with the new talent and the returners talent next season.

“Yes most of my girls are back next year and my boys team was really young so with maturity and work we’ll be a ton better,” said Reyes.