The Clarion

How To Make Summer LESS Of A Bummer


Instead of locking yourself in your room away from all responsibilities and reaches of sunlight, here’s some fun ideas that you and your family, friends, or significant other could enjoy during this upcoming break!


Beach Trip- If you’re not much of a beach person, how do you even consider yourself a person?? I’m completely joking, but a beach trip with all your friends on a hot valley day is the ideal definition of GOALS! Though this trip will definitely require someone with a driver's license and some pitch ins for gas money, an easy three hour trip to Pismo or Santa Cruz is totally worth it. Get a tan and take some cute pics to post with all your friends,


BBQ and Swim- A night of hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill and a bunch of your friends is one of the easiest and best stress relievers for those hot long dog days of summer. Giant inflatable floaties and Otter Pop wrappers are everywhere in my backyard during all summer 2018. It’s a super safe and cheap way to stay cool and stay close to home!


Boardwalk- Whether it be the Santa Cruz or Santa Monica Boardwalk, there’s rides, great food, and fun for everyone! Not only are you at the beach, but all the arcade games’ bells and whistles and the sound of the crashing waves makes for a well spent summer night.


Lake- If you’re not looking to the coast somewhere, the lake (Shaver Lake to be specific) is a similar excursion that brings just as much fun! Here, you can go boating, jet skiing, fishing or tubing! And DON’T think you look cool not holding onto the handles of the raft, or it’s all bad from there. Trust me. I speak from experience… I’ll never forget the incident of summer ‘15. Let me know if you find my soul at the bottom of the lake.. I’m pretty sure, after I flew off the tube, it never came back.


Hiking- Ahhhh hiking. A beautiful way to spend a cool summer day in the mountains. A hike is a great way to go adventuring during break with a big group of friends. Preferably pick a trail that runs along a river or through into clearings with a view of the gorgeous mountains and woods around you for the perfect photo opportunities.


Drive In Movie- Newsflash- THE MADERA DRIVE IN IS OPEN AND READY FOR BUSINESS! For all of those of you who have seen the drive in scene in Grease or have a “special someone” that you’re looking to treat, you know the drive in is where it’s at. What’s cuter than a total throwback date, with a modern movie on the screen? Preferably attend the drive in in a car with a trunk (a truck, SUV, something with more room for that “junk in the trunk”) so you can camp out and enjoy the movie with somebody more comfortably.


Stargazing- Two words. So. Romantic. Or it doesn’t have to be either, stargazing is exactly what you make it. Whether it be with a group of really close friends of yours (for example, my whole camp does this one night while we’re there for the week) or with your significant other, there’s just something about looking into the infinity of lights in the sky that seem so serene and beautiful.