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Softball Team Hopes to Reclaim Championship Title


This year’s SHS softball team is doing well and is hoping to win the Valley championship like last season.

Their record is currently 7-3 and they’re looking forward to playoffs, which will begin on May 18th. In pursuit of yet another championship title, they will be facing the winner of Golden West and Bakersfield North in their first playoff game.

Many factors contributed to the team’s high energy throughout the season.

“I was excited to be able to play with the seniors one last time and hopefully go back and win another valley championship,” said sophomore Clarissa Moreno.

“I’m excited to bond as a team before all the seniors leave,” added junior Majenta Harper.

The team knows how to use their individual strengths to come together and play effectively.

“I think we play very well together and have a good bond,” explained junior Ashley Paz. “My goal is just to try and contribute as much as possible to help my team succeed.”

“Hitting wise, we work together really well and we’ve been able to mesh and work on defense as well,” expressed Harper.

They also know what they need to work on to further improve their skills in the game.

“One thing my team could work on is playing as a team,” said junior Genesis Rodriguez. “Sometimes when we mess up or make errors we don’t always pick each other up like we’re supposed to.”

Some team members hope to take the skills they’ve learned to benefit them beyond their high school career.

“I would like to improve my skills and get ready to play at the collegiate level,” added Moreno.

The team realizes that getting to valley is hard work and requires determination.

“One thing that will get the team to valley is teamwork and drive,” explained Rodriguez. “We have to want it as bad as we did last year maybe even more because we have to defend our title.”

Teamwork and communication is key when a team strives to win.

“A good work ethic, determination and us playing as a team will get us to valley,” stated senior Carrie Posada.

Coach Amber Green pointed out that several players have stepped up for different games, but those with the best batting averages during league were Aly Cerda, Dominique Trevino, Genesis Rodriguez, and Marissa Cerda.

“We will view every team we face in the playoffs as a challenge,” addressed Coach Green. “Timely hitting, solid defense and good performances by our pitchers are the things we need to win Valley this year.”

The softball team is motivated to perform their best at playoffs to earn them a spot at valley.