The Clarion

Senior Wills

I, Joanelle Viegas Parrilla, will Simran Bassi penpals in second grade, band and percussion, “the conversation”, walking into the wrong English class our first day of high school, Mint Green Guy and Little Mint, Fourth of July tradition, football games, our late night conversations and rants, and my “fart” in church. I will Iman Alamri our movie date for Infinity War, our “Flash rockets to Mars”, our late night Facetime calls when writing my stories, babygirl, The Flash, six & a half hours of sleep, brick walls, your Kermit meme folder, 8th grade science, and my password and old email account. I will Jennifer Rosario (aka Jenny Babe) middle school P.E. with Sophia, watching the flying cars from our boxes, your quince, almost dying in Fresno getting my prom dress, my inability to get married in a church, your distaste for fidget spinners, and marching seasons. I will Saroj Khanolkar the couple days we went to the gym, the time we went to Fresno County for the spelling bee together “where’s my necklace?”, and our promise to get our lives back on track. To the Clarion squad (aka P.A.R.K.), I will our Froyo dates, our Me-N-Eds date for Iman’s birthday, our deep, in-class conversations about life, the time we tried going to Mr. Reyes’ class to get food, and your support at my choir concert. I will my Cymbal Ladies our cringey cymbal techniques at the beginning of the season, our man-hunts at competitions, and our Denny’s date before rehearsal. I will the Chamber family the early mornings we’d sing with each other, our chamber group chat convos, and chamber retreat. I will Mrs. Peckfelder and Ms. Schuh their first three years of teaching and my three years of chamber, and the opportunities and support they've given me to become a better musician/vocalist. To Katherine Bojorquez (aka Kit-Kat) our APEX trip freshman year and Tyler Posey came on TV, the time you successfully opened a banana during lunch, the multiple times we almost crashed when I was dropping you off home, and the scratches and scars on your arms from my nails whenever you’d show me a picture of Dylan O’Brien. To Jennifer Huaracha (aka Yenny), I will the time I actually slipped on a banana in front of a large group of guys on our way to the restroom, and our awkward middle school year encounters during after school program. I will Mr. Castle the four years of taking your class even though your jokes were lame, but your stories were priceless, and your decision to have me in Clarion in which I still question why to this day. And lastly, I will my little brother, Joshua Parrilla, a memorable four years of high school starting next school year.



I, Gissell Guzman, will the following people some of the greatest memories of high school and some of the best things in life. I will Alina Lopez and Analissa Gomez all of our crazy tennis car rides, that eventually lead to singing and sleeping. Don’t get banned from driving with Ms. Sultenfuss this next season! I will Emily Sanchez all of my laughs from tennis season and all of the Rice Krispies in the world because who doesn’t love them. I also will Jacob Harris my laugh and smile because he is such a cheerful person. I will Miss. Debbie Sultenfuss all the “napolen” (neapolitan) ice cream from In-n-Out and slushies from Sonic. Don’t ever forget to treat yourself to some ice cream and slushies. I will Mrs. Manter half of my vocals because she knows how much I love to karaoke in a car full of friends. I will Hannah Mitchell all of the High School Musical movies because she shares the same love for HSM as I do. I will the incoming freshman the table that my girls and I sat at because we won’t be there to take care of it anymore. I will Britney Gijon, Noelia Cortez, Clarissa Condit, Laura Vasquez, and Nizeth Salazar all of the fun moments that we had at our table. I will Kimberly Lopez the other half of my vocals because she knows that I want to be Mariah Carey and Beyoncé so bad. Last but not least, I will my bestfriend Ericka Perales all of the happiness in the world because you put up with my craziness for several years. You the best! Thanks for making my high school experience memorable!


I, Mariah Lopez, I will Kailee Ortiz Women’s ensemble choir. You have such a unique talent that should never be hidden. I will you all our careless laughs, thank you for reminding me that I’m still a kid, just like you. I will Joey Cavazos all of gods light he could possibly hold. I will you all the blessings in the world, because I know you would just use them to bless others, because that is who you are. You are the strongest and kindest young man I know, never change. I will Khori Cranford all the fashion items you could ever dream of. You have such a bubbly and comforting personality, which makes you the easiest person to talk to. Continue spreading your culture everywhere you go, because I believe it’s the coolest thing ever. I will Stephania Valasquez all my love and friendship even though I will be three hours away. You showed me what a true friend was. You taught me that being unique is so much more important than being popular. You made me a better person over these past four years. You have grown to become my sister, and family never fades. I will Daniel Avocado all our backstage talks. You made me want to go to rehearsal even on the toughest of days. You have such a brilliant mind and I cannot wait to see all the history you make. I will Jasreet Bra and Katie Soarin’ over Ca, all the designer stuff in creation. I love your boujee selves. I will the Cheetah Gorls all the Gru memes, you guys better continue to send funny stuff in that chat even when we are all in college. I will Omar Gonzalez, all the $5 wing days at bww, thank you for spending all your years growing up with me. I wouldn’t be me without you. Lastly, and to be honest most importantly, I will Mrs. Saponara talented theater kids to last a lifetime. You saw me come in as an out of place cheerleader, but you saw all the passion I had for theater inside me. You made me fall in love with power my talent could have. You forced me to random dance with you, even on my saddest days. You aren’t just a teacher, or just a director, you’re family. The day I will know I made it is the day I get to call you and invite you on the red carpet with me.


I, Iman Alamri, will Saroj Khanolkar my first will because we both know that you lowkey wanted to be the first person I willed, the first day we met in Clarion, the time you thought that baby was a dog, every time you slapped my arm, our snapstreak, “okay but what if…”, my driving skills, social anxiety, every time you roasted me, halal & haram, the time you blocked me on Snapchat, birthday texts, and my seat next to you because I know how much you’ll miss me<3. I will my “Clarion Squad”, fro-yo, our New York Times discussions, the 30th of every month, “I can’t...I have color guard practice”, the multiple teas that have been spilled, cup of noodles, pizza in Joanelle’s car, all the things we have in common, the two empty desks next year, our philosophical conversations in 6th period, and P.A.R.K.(forever & always). I will Camryn Noelle Orosco, 7th grade world history, One Direction, Wattpad, Teenage Dirtbag, the baseball & basketball emoji, 1D cartoon drawings, Spanish 1, LA TAAAARRREEEAAA, everything Tom Holland, my somewhat personal snaps, Harry Styles on SNL, our long-distance relationship, better AP classes, long life update texts, my directioner infinity necklace, and black & orange because I still think you should transfer to Selma High. I will Kat Jessie Bojorquez, our 2nd grade Thanksgiving partner project, skinny jeans, our singing competition, the far grassy area of Roosevelt, ICE CREEAAAM, “feel the rain on your skin”, black-out, our After School Program days, Choral Hawks, the time I pushed (who shall not be named) down—twice, Firework by Katy Perry, Purple Pandas, One Direction, my iPod Touch, The Hunger Games trilogy, 5 Seconds of Summer, our text conversations, the sPonGebOb mEMe, vine references, BuzzFeed quizzes, the Clarion final, Allegory of The Cave, communists, HOOVAH, the seat behind you in Honors US, Clarion with a K, actual monetary currency, my kermit memes, and all the luck in your amazing future at San Jose State--don’t forget the girl with two braids okay? I will Joanelle Viegas Parrilla, three-five hour long FaceTime calls, six & a half hours of sleep, wedgies, bonjour, our snapstreak, babygirl, my kermit memes, Grant Gustin, “A Flash Rocket to Mars”, the conversations walking to our cars, 809423, jalapeño bagels, my extraness, my seat in front of you in 8th grade science, SparkNotes, my senior ditch day plan, my mom’s unconditional love and affection, The Flash, our Jane Eyre presentation, the lightning bolt emoji, flipping desks, Earth-2, nappies, my Tom Holland meme folder, our walks to AP Lit, string cheese, the time you put me in your fridge, “must be nice”, my flower metaphor, our Infinity War movie date, brick walls, and my wise advice that you could always come back for--love you Joanelle-y ;). I will Jenny Huaracha, apple, my lame jokes, our 24K Magic album listening party, the Justin & Immanuel pose, “snaffed”, ketchup, Mike Wazowski, Treasure, “condo” in Manhattan, our fangirling texts about Bruno Mars, our one FaceTime call, tangerine, the phone call when Justin Bieber followed you on Twitter, Little Hooligan, and all the luck at UC Davis--I’m going to miss you so much!<3. I will Simran Bassi aka MY HABEEBTI, my writing skills, our twinning outfit, the iconic group chat freshman year, Cardi B, corneal abrasion, our purple converse, short-shorts, Students Making A Difference, and all the luck for the bright future ahead of you, love you habeebti :* I will Nikki Campos, our walks to Clarion, Math 2, “Are you a student?”, my seat next to you at lunch, roasting Castle, the unicorn emoji, and avoiding eye contact. I will Lizette Venegas, painting, our Foster’s adventure, Kid’s Day, “Hey friend”, our love for 80’s music, One Direction, my kermit memes, un-human sounds, vine references, and my ASB Board Rep position that I know you’ll kill at, I’ll miss you friend! :’(. I will Daniel Acevedo, Spanish 2, Infinity War memes, our McDonald’s project, The Gatsby Squad, our love for Spider-Man/Peter Parker, avocados, vine references in AP Gov, and wOOW. I will Jesus Garcia, my passive/aggressiveness, biggest airhead, me being such a bully to you, our notes in 3rd period, and our scheduled fight. I will Sharon Gill, Kid’s Day, birthday cards, “We love (1) queen”, and my painting skills. I will Jennifer Rosario, New York Times, Feature topics, my bad jokes, and my Editorial position since you’re copying my life! Haha jk ily. I will Chloe Mendoza, good luck withstanding Castle for another 3 years in Clarion (trust me you’ll need it!). I will Naomi Ruiz, our six month long Snapchat conversation, everything Bruno Mars, and the best of luck for your junior & senior year! I will Mr. Cox, the breakfast of champions, all my artwork, and another TA as great as me! I will the Class of 2018, a sincere farewell and good luck to all our futures! I enjoyed our love/hate relationship. And last but not least, I will Mr. Castle, all my four years in Clarion, the jacket conspiracy, every attempt at me roasting you, all my Clarion gear from years past, and the Alamri legacy because without you, it wouldn’t have been possible.


I, Kat Bojorquez, will these items and sentiments to the following people:

To Chole Mendoza, I will our WANDO group chat and everything that is yellow. I also will you tennis dates and a love life that is better than mine and Nikki’s. To Josh Morales, I will the word “why”, Freddy Krueger, and folding PE clothes. To Angelica Rangel, I will all the claps in the world and a new bandana. To Anna Armstrong, I award you the official title of Second Place Liberal. Forever first place in my heart, though <3. To Daniel Acevedo, I will an avocado and your future position as Dictator of the Free World. To Raj Bains, I will that one test from, like, 4th grade that Mariah Lopez and I both scored higher than you on. It was the only one. Never forget. To Nicolette Campos, I will you my naps in 8th grade science, my tracing from 9th grade art, Mr. Freds’ Math 2 Class, command z, and my editing of your spelling mistakes. I hope you find someone @ FPU who will correct your grammar as much as me (but not someone better than me) To Jenny from the Block, I will Sriracha hot sauce, dropping it low, and the official title of my Best Friend. Remember, UC Davis is less than 2 hours away from SJSU. Don’t be a stranger. To Iman Alamri, The OG Roosevelt homie. I will an extra A in your last name so that it’s “Alamari”. I also will you Tom Holland’s Spider Man (R.I.P), Peter Gene Hernandez, and all the vine references you can handle. To Joanelle Parrilla, I will Dylan O’Brien, Ethan Dolan, and Tyler Posey. I also will you the permanent claw marks that you have left in my arm from your fangirl attacks.To Simran Bassi, I will you the “Best Hair in the Entire Universe” award #Fearthebraid. To Anisa Viveros, I will the whitest Mexican award, the video of the fat, naked man, and all the ramen you can stomach. To Hannah Mahan, I will the nickname “Green”, my inappropriate jokes, and a red slushy from the snack bar. To Rudy, I will all the Hostess and Lil Debbie snacks that you kept in the bottom right drawer of your desk. Thanks for the after lunch snacks. To my 3rd period, I will a lit class that wasn’t really all that lit. Boo. The Awakening. Boo. Okay, I think that’s everyone and thensome, plusmywordcountnowcomesoutto420words. Peace out SHS, it’s been real:)


As my high school career comes to an end I, Brianna Colado, will the following to those who made my experience memorable. To Maria Hernandez, who everyone knows you as Ma now… but it’s always going to be Maria to me, I will you the endless jokes about being deported, the strongest friendship I have to this day, the song “yike or die”, hot soccer players,  To Daniela Escorcia, I will all cacti in the world, the amazing yet unexpected friendship that came to be that day in the library freshman year, a membership card for the Amtrack, our calls about how stressed we were, bonfires, your ham and corn pasta, and our screaming that almost made me crash the day you got into SB.To Karyme Garcia, I will confidence, strength and happiness,all the money spent that we didn’t have during our lunch adventures, the day I ran into KFC to say hi, all the times we saw each other at the Taco Bell Drive Thru, and the time my mom told me we would become best friends because we had the same name (I’m so glad it happened). To Gissell Guzman, I will all the Sundays of church and confirmation, the endless arguments about which answers were right in pre-calc, the hoe anthems playlist, you not sharing the gov terms (rude!), and our runs to Bear’s Den with only quarters to pay lol. To Hannah Mitchell, I will the summer we met in econ, the tree by Mrs. Peńa’s classroom, coffee, baby Vaseline’s, munching on ice, the Starbucks run after the boys baseball game our junior year, High School Musical, and every single oh my goshhhh that comes out of  my mouth, it’s been a fun ride Mitchell! To Tino Arroyo, I will the inhalers from freshman year, a dollar so you could buy food at the snack bar, your silly dance moves, and you contact photo on my phone. To Cj Orosco, I will the award of Best Hair, Wing Stop, the crazy searches around Walmart when you were working, and all the hype the day you get a haircut. Its over!!! To Boyd Fransen, I will Best Eyes, every sticky note doodle in Lit, your constant attempts of trying to get me to notice your hair cuts, the loud noises you would make with your food during lit presentations, and success in your future profession as a zoo landscape designer. To Daniel Palmer, I will the biggest flirt award, our long talks about life, and Pepsi. To Dimran, I will hi-chews, all the racist jokes ever told, our music reviews during Clarion,all of our group pictures, the ultimate snaaaaakkkeee, and the instant friendship that began at our little table in 6th.

To Daniel Acevedo, I will hardest critic on my Clarion stories, avocados, the best milk ever: chocolate milk, and an ongoing friendship at Cal. To Matthew Hernandez, I will Lil Uzi, your cozy boy swag, us meeting in polo and instantly getting along,  the time you whipped and your glasses broke, football game memories, and all our rides home. To Sabrina Lopez, I will my first swim friendship that has turned into sisterhood, all Cardi B songs, the cutest baby mama award, our sleep overs, the time when milkshakes came on in the car and you almost peed on my seat, the gatorade bottle in the room that’s been there since 8th grade, all my food, and the countless times you have been an inspire-ation to me. To Alissa Benavides, I will the constant rivalry in math 1 our freshman year that commenced our friendship, and honor of being able to witness how your love for swimming grew in these last 3 years. To Audrie Naranjo, I will my competitive drive in all sports, the little oval goggles you used to wear back then, all the doghouse tri-tip sandwiches and garlic bread, and the amazing friendship that has come to be these 10 years. To Bailey Baker, I will the lines I used to pick on you with (which are out of love), the silence whenever you tell a joke, the sunburns we have gotten together at almost every meet, all the face hits I gave you during polo, my little trick on you when I shot my goals in polo, and my music playlists (you could use some better taste in music lol). To Gianna Escalera, I will all the dollar store glasses in the world, the video of us swaying completely in sync, the laughs while we died at practice everyday, and a heyyyy girllll. To Mya Lopez, I will faith, all the teehee’s in the world, our deep convos during practice, you and claire’s vine references, my mental strength as a swimmer, and my indefinite love for you. To Claire Machado, I will every single vine in existence, the “issa bat”, playing hole set with you during polo, and being able to witness what a beautiful person you are inside and out. To Tori Valdez, I will my constant efforts in swimming, my very first fast skin, growth and happiness as a person as well as an athlete and the pleasure of being able to be your teammate these past 2 years. To Mr. Castle, I will the Best Teacher Award (you’ve earned it), the day I came dressed as you along with my pal Mr. Hannah Mitchell, the friendship we have built throughout the 4 years, constantly giving you a hard time when you crack “jokes”, the time you body slammed me at 2Extreme and my acceptance to Cal. To Mr. Mitchell, I will every “ayychicalamo” you have said, the trust and confidence you instilled in my math skills, and the one time you lost the bet with Maria and yelled out “I hate my life!!” To Mr. Fredericks, I will every class clap, the wins on kahoot for knowing you the best, the heartwarming speech at the Top 25 dinner, and our chats after sophomore year. To Mr. Filkins, I will the “freshmennnn” line, the success of your future book, and every foggy day schedule breakfast you and Freds have. To Mrs. Pena, I will the most fashionable outfits, the funniest laugh, all your funny comebacks during lecture, and your understanding ways of being  towards your students. You were my favorite science teacher Mrs. P! To Marcus Silva, I will Hot Funyons, spicy chickens, our very first date, the time you ran over the curb at Little Cesar’s, every picture of us together, being one of my biggest blessings in high school and my constant gratitude and love for you. To Julianna Colado, I will my strength and determination to be the best version of yourself in high school, the records I have set on the swim team, all of my accomplishments at Selma High, the clothes that I leave when I go to college, the duty of giving Castle a hard time when he attempts to crack jokes, the time you got dress coded and i had to bring you a shirt when i was SICK, and the amazing neverending bond that we have, I love you.


I, Kelsey Caylin Lopez, will my worst and best pepper partner, Mia Salinas our volleyball memories. Continue to hold down your setter position while I’m gone! Thanks for our rants about life at any time of day, and for our coffee runs! Next time remember to get a venti tea not a tall! Also next time I tell you to give someone a cake pop don’t, but then again yolo! Now for Sega Genesis! I will you all my stamps I made in art, and Jim the crane, who we forgot about. Thank you for always listening to me talk about whatever was stressing me out! Thanks for all our laughs about things that didn’t make sense and for being the most genuine person I know! Khori, my favorite and probably only Armenian I know.Thanks for being able to make me laugh 24/7. I hope your senior year is everything you expect. I will you all our memories of eating out after summer school, car rides home from volleyball games, and the “wave” you started during season! My last words in this will to you are “pull the lever kronk”. For my BFF Jas, I will you my heart, and for my three musketeers Sim and Jelly I will you all the money I never won from lottery tickets that we scratched together. Also a shout out Laura and Gunther (Luis Gutierrez) for being  the most wild people I know, also an honorable mention to MJ. I will you all the laughs we had because you did something dumb. Taj and Madi, I will you all the fish in the sea because it’s your senior year next year, and I hope you make it as fun as possible. Gaby Landin, I will you all of our amazing posters we made, but we threw them away sorry.


I, Hannah Mitchell, will some of my best high school memories to the following people.

To Sarah Mitchell, I will an amazing next three years of high school, all the days of embarrassment by my cool socks and Birkenstock outfits, and continuing to giving Dad a hard time at school. Be brave. Be bold. Be you. Show Selma High what the last Mitchell is made of! To Dad, aka Mr. Mitchell, I will Friday lunch dates, the strangest and most embarrassing sense of humor, all the times you didn’t play mental chess, and allllllllll the tears and headaches from Calc but also the hugs reminding me a grade isn’t everything. Thanks for making going to school with you one of the best parts of high school. To Nicolette Campos, I will a lifetime of friendship that began back in ‘05 playing dress up in the backyard, saxophones as big as us, emails as a cool form of communication, nasty ice cream flavors, the best hugs in the world, and being my bridesmaid whenever I get married. Thanks for being my best friend through it all (even those really rough junior high years.) Forever and always my short brunette. To Hannah Mahan, I will the best name in the world, a friendship built in the Tenderloin when we didn’t have any friends, all the long car rides, sleepless sleepovers, the Frozen soundtrack, DTR talks, and putting up with my crazy loud screaming and commentary at athletic events. Thanks for sticking by my side through thick and thin and showing me what real friendship is all about. I will forever cherish all of the memories and life talks with you. To Brianna Colado, oh my gosh I will the torturous days of summer school, Asada fries, loud singing in drive-thrus, reckless car rides, lunch runs after super hard tests, petty debates, a lifetime supply of mini vaselines, and all the countless times I didn’t stop talking and ended up embarrassing myself oh my gosh, oh my gosh. You bring so much joy into my life. Cal ain’t ready for you! To Aly Cerda, I will crazy dance moves, Miranda Sings impersonations, sunscreen that actually works, extremely uncomfortable rides home from Pismo, and a reliable printer in college. Good luck and keep “catching balls” next year! To Gissell Guzman, all three High School Musical movies and soundtracks, singing way too loud and off-key, daily notes in AP World, and stolen parking spots. Thanks for being a ray of sunshine and never failing to break into song with me. You helped make Selma High an East High. To Karyme Garcia, I will the name “Prince Kareem,” laughter at everything under the sun, and the same dreams in life as me. Thanks for being you. I know you’re on the way to changing the world. To Daniel Acevedo, I will all the avocados in the world, a High School Musical movie night—“once a bear, always a bear,” the ability to edit my essays for the rest of your life, a future coffee shop, and a spot in the Senate. Thanks for tolerating me. Kill it at Cal. To Alexsa Sarente, I will all the basketball practices where we almost died, medicine balls to the face, being my long lost sister, awkward performances of “Firework,” liking country music before it was cool, and the Jonas Brothers. Love you sister!!! To Chloe Mendoza, I will deep talks on car rides home, a love for country music, and being an adopted little sister. To Greg Valdivia, I will a name I can never say or spell, Mariah Carey, cringe moments in English, the walk from 1st to 2nd to 3rd periods junior year, and lots and lots of laughter. To Boyd Fransen, I will the zoo, paying attention to all of your presentations in AP Lit, and the unofficial title of best eyes. To Dimran, I will the best Clarion group, Kye the Hitchhiker, Hi-Chews, and success in all things. To Mr. Castle, I will fresh milk and clean mugs, Zachary’s pizza, soaking wet football games, tri-colored tortellini, and the ultimate euphemism. Thanks for stretching my understanding of what it means to be a student, a writer, and a person. I will forever cherish the encouragement and motivation you provided throughout high school. To Mr. Lane, I will one of the hardest classes I ever took and super cool Hawaiian shirts. Thanks for challenging me as a little sophomore and fostering the confidence I have as a student today. To Mr. Johnson, I will students who ask questions, patience for the years to come, and all things George Washington. To Mrs. Peña, I will the best laugh and personality in the world, super cute outfits with even cuter shoes, and making me realize biology really isn’t that bad. Thank you for the love you poured into teaching and for encouraging me throughout the years. To Mr. Machnik, I will a great taste in coffee, a love for literature, and The Awakening. To Mrs. Manter, I will the best 5th period PE class you’ll ever have, the six-pack you gained from laughing the time I tripped over the soccer ball, and a better mile time. To the tree in front of Mrs. Peña’s room, I will my nose and a minor concussion. Watch out for trees kids. To all the FCOE students, I will the ability to brighten my day every single day, teaching me what friendship and pure joy look like, and never failing to make me laugh. I will carry the lessons learned and memories made for the rest of my life. So long Selma High. It’s been real.


I, Nikki Campos, will Chloe (Chole) Mendoza many dogs, a croissant, my wit towards Castle, and my love for The Ethicist. I will Sarah Mitchell many fun memories and laughs at school dances and football games because I shared many memories with you at those events. I will my 4th period AP Euro class endurance to get through Johnson’s Honors US class. I will Anna Armstrong the ability to snap, Wicked the musical, many boy talks, and the job of layout editor. I will Tori and Katarina many laughs and crazy experiences in Chamber Choir. I will Matt (from my swim team) 15 seconds to get across the pool, many cramps, and many times of crashing into each other in the pool. I will Anisa Viveros pumpkin cookies, the best baking skills ever, and the best laugh ever. I will Daniel Acevedo (my tall friend) short jokes (even though they’re always towards me), a wonderful experience at Berkeley,a prom date, and a short person who you can pat on the head.( but they better not replace me) I will Hannah Mahan locked car doors and a new genre of books to read. I will Hannah Mitchell many more years of friendship with me and the best worst jokes ever (you’ll always be my favorite tall blonde friend). I will Jenny Huaracha the ability to smell fish and and many memories I shared with you in the pool. I will Kat Bojo mad grammar/editing skills. (you’ll always be a grammar queen to me) I will Simran Bassi the term friendship and the world’s longest hair. I will Joanelle Parrilla passion for music (never stop singing) and the right spelling of your name. I will Iman Alamri the ability to be the biggest fangirl ever to Bruno Mars. I will Alexsa Sarente a 200 IM and the ability to make college great again. I will Efrain Vasquez noodles, the movie McFarland USA, and many thoughtful conversation that never ended. I will Mr. Castle many more “funny” jokes and the book Les Miserables. (thanks for instilling in me the love of learning) I will Mrs.Manter my love for swimming. (thanks for allowing me the opportunity to be on the swim team) I will Mr.Lane many jokes that constantly tricked me and cornell notes. (because of your class I’ll be prepared for college) I will Mrs. Peckfelder my love for music. (thank you for giving me the opportunity to be in choir...truly a memory I will never forget.) I will Ms.Schuh a piano(I hope you get one this summer) and a new page turner. (I’ll never forget the conversations we had while being your page turner)


I, Anisa Viveros, first will Victoria “Vic Tori Viking” Joy Hernandez the last twelve years of our lives. From the moment we met, I knew you were my sister and after every Circle K and Sonic run, I couldn’t have wished for someone better to experience it with, I love you snake. I will Castle a trip to Disneyland for the comment that college wasn’t right for me because the AP Exam was boring.  I will T-Lam my name with one “s” because she was one of the few to care to get it right. Have fun with AcaDec!  I will Lucy ‘six tables to a chair!’ because getting yelled at lunch was worth hearing her English error.  I will Mrs. Patterson Hamilton because that AcaDec trip was my best memory by far.  I will Chris Rempel and Adam Alcoser, their first names because no matter how many times I’ve tried, I could never use them. I also will them my senior AcaDec trip. I had so much fun cracking jokes with the both of them. I will Randy Esraelian the phrase “Good Morning!” because no matter what time of day that was the phrase I always wanted to hear. I will Mr. Jett an endless supply of green spearmints and an epicly built harmonograph because he knows those are the only ones I take and the tool I loved in his class. I will Mrs. Manter my endless amount of 500’s and 11 seconds dropped at league because they made me a better swimmer and one of the most exciting parts of the season; thank you. I will Mr. Russ “Math Daddy Tiberius” Mitchell every joke, insult, compliment, and ‘punchy’ comment ever said in class. Without him, my love for math would have declined exponentially. I’ll miss him most of all but Holy Cow! I’ll come visit. I hope your AARP card never expires and your life alert batteries never die. I will Chloe Mendoza the title of Most Fashionable because gosh dang that girl has style. I will Makaylah the word dupid because without it I wouldn't know her now. Her future is bright like her smile. I will the junior officers of 2018-19 the best of luck because I know they’ll need it. I will Ben Uresti Supergirl because I would’ve never began to watch the show without his suggestion; do big things kid. I will Jose Zarate bad photos in AcaDec and a wonderful senior year, it’ll be a good one. I will Kat Bojorquez the title of Most Involved because we all know that she deserved it as much as I did. I will Sim San Miguel her two word last name because I know the struggle of misspelled names and my junior year of leadership because without her as a friend I would not have survived and continued on in that class.

I will Boyd Fransen the blueprints to a zoo because that is the best future goal I have ever heard; I’ll make sure to visit but I want a free pass and an exhibit named after me!

I will Daniel my school spirit because he has none and wrong calculus answers because correcting you was always the best feeling. I wish you the best of luck at Cal. Finally, I will Nikki the past four years. I wouldn’t have survived without her love, witty comments, over the top intelligence, amazing advice and overall presence. It was worth every tear, laugh, stressful, and exciting moment.


I, Sim San Miguel, will my brother, Jason San Miguel, the best of luck because you know mom won’t get off your back about grades. Continue to play your heart out on the field and prove us right when we say you can do it. Please please please stay out of trouble and keep a good head on your shoulders! I never really admitted it, but it was fun going to highschool together, and I’ll miss it. Thanks for always having my back. Good luck little bro! I will Brandi Aguilera the bond of being my little sister. I will always be here when you need advice or a little talking to. Remember to be strong and know what’s best for you. A “B” here and there isn’t too bad, so please don’t stress yourself out over it. I will Ricky Mota the phrase “nat nat” even though we never really learned what that meant, just kind of put names to it. I will you the hedgehog emoji too because that’s the emoji we put to it. I also will you the dedication you’ll put in through sports and school, so you can continue to make mom proud as well as me. Keep an eye on our little brother for me and don’t let him slip up! I will Jell my loyalty and determination to keep this friendship going for the rest of our lives, so that we can grow to even see our kids become the best of friends the way we are. I will Jell and Cay all the bittersweet memories, long laughs, and petty disagreements our trio brought. Facemasks, karaoke, and scary movies shall remain a tradition! I will Mir the strength to keep going and finish your senior year strong! May your LA trips excite you and your grades and attendance not show it. Ignore those who don’t matter as they will always try to. Our laughs over dumb jokes and venting seshes will be missed! Continue to do you! To all of you who I’ve willed, I wish you happiness, laughter, and many bright memories

ahead of you.