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Students Are Recognized At Annual Scholarship Night


Selma High School held its annual Scholarship Night for graduating seniors on Thursday, May 24, at 6:30 in the dining hall.

Various hardworking and deserving seniors have received a variety of scholarships that Selma High and multiple clubs and organizations have brought to our school.

One of these scholarships is the Anthony Simon Caro Memorial Scholarship.

This scholarship goes to students who have shown particular compassion and generosity to others, especially strangers.

This year, it’s recipients include seniors Angelica Morfin, Daniel Palmer, Katherine Bojorquez and Nikki Campos.

After speaking to both Nikki and Katherine, they expressed their thanks to the Caro Family, administration and their community for all their support and help that they’ve been given throughout their years at Selma High.

“It’s cool to see how much the community donates to all the highschool kids,” said Campos.

“It means a lot that they are investing in our futures and that they’re giving us a chance to follow our dreams,” Bojorquez added.