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ROTC Stays Busy Until The End


Although the end of the school year is fast approaching, Selma High’s ROTC still has miles to go.

ROTC feels as though it is their job to give back to the community that has given so much to them.

On Saturday May 26, the SHS ROTC students will attend a monument unveiling at Lincoln Park for a local veteran.

The students will again have an event two days following.

On Memorial Day, the students will put up the flags in the cemetery early in the morning and then take them down in the evening before sunset.

“We are given many opportunities to participate in the community,” said senior Isaac Amaton. “Some of the community service events are mandatory and others are not, but all of them help us to grow and learn responsibility.”

 Many of the traits that the students have learned through their time in ROTC will be recognized at their upcoming awards assembly.

 The cadets will have the opportunity to be awarded for outstanding performances in a certain area and/or grade level.

Seniors are even recognized with awards from the Army and Marine Corps.

As the seniors’ time on this campus comes to a close, some of the cadets are ready to step up and fill their shoes.

Next year’s Cadet major, third year cadet Samantha Louie, looks forward to the task she will undertake and the sense of responsibility she will assume.

“ I will be a commanding officer next year who is in charge of everyone, but ROTC has taught me valuable leadership skills that will help me in my future,” stated junior Samantha Louie.

Many of the underclassman feel ready to embrace the responsibility that will be passed down to them next year.

“ I look over the freshmen. In order to do that I need to ensure that my top chain of command relays the information I need in order to share it with those under me,” said sophomore Antonia Alonso.

Earlier this spring, the ROTC varsity marksmanship team saw themselves attending the 2018 Regional Championships, where they placed fourth overall.

In the next leg of their 2018 journey, the marksmanship team will find themselves in Ohio.

The students will be competing at the national level of the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

Only four students at Selma High School will have the honor of competing.

The students are using this success as motivation for improving their technique for the coming years.

“ I can look to the older kids because they respect each other and help each other when they have questions,” said freshman Leslie Espinoza.

Master Sergeant Cruz used the success of the year as an opportunity to reflect on ROTC’s purpose.

“ROTC is not a recruiting tool. It is a way of teaching values of citizenship such as respect to young people,” concluded Master Sergeant Cruz.