The Clarion

Coursing Through The Olympic Rally


Selma High’s annual Olympic Rally raced off on Friday, April 27, in the Staley Stadium. There were five different teams who competed: freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and the staff. The seniors took the win with the juniors following up.

The race started with the car push and was followed up by many other activities ending off with the mattress race. Many students participated in the rally to support their class and just to have fun.

“Although I tripped over my feet during the mattress run, it was a great experience participating with people who made it fun,” shared Destiny Perez.

Students in the stands liked watching the activities in the beautiful weather, but they felt the rally could’ve been more enthusiastic.

“Although the course of activities was really cool to watch, there was no school spirit to cheer them on,” said junior Jade Mendez.

The leadership class had worked hard to set up and work the rally to ensure everything went right.

Activities commissioners Laila Gallardo, Divey Nahal, and Gianna Rangel planned out the activities. They kept the traditional course for the activities.

“We used past experience to improvise and make the activities seem a lot more interesting,” said activities commissioner Laila Gallardo.

Planning the activities was stressful at times as they were trying to figure out what everyone would enjoy watching.

“All the stress was worth it to see everyone’s smiles and to hear everyone’s laughter at the end,” said activities commissioner Gianna Rangel.

The students spent time planning out the course for a couple of weeks. They gathered equipment and participants and wrote the script and decided the music.

“The students worked hard to ensure this rally turned out great,” said Activities Director Ms. Lambert.

Manjot Sandhu hosted the rally along with Caylin Lopez, making it enthusiastic.

“Though it was stressful, everything went very smoothly and fell together like the people who were carrying the mattress,” said Caylin Lopez.

The Olympic turned out to be a success as everyone enjoyed the activities.

“It was nice to have fewer activities in the court and also having all the Spring teams there,” said Ms. Lambert.