The Clarion

Mexican Dance Shows Its Culture


Mexican Dance performed on May 4th for the Cinco De Mayo celebration at Eric White School. This celebration included varieties of foods, drinks, bounce houses and mariachis. The Eric White 2nd through 6th grade class also performed.

Whether small audiences or large audiences, a performance group always has to do their best.

"I felt nervous performing, even though I've done it many times now, but I also felt pride," junior Adam Garcia stated. "Pride because I danced with the rest of my group, and for the people watching. We all do great and the audience enjoyed it."

This one day early Cinco De Mayo celebration was one for the books. Many people arrived to see fellow dancer. The kids had a blast watching as they were laughing and smiling the whole time. There were also attractions for kids, such as mechanical bulls, bears, and cows.

“The audience appreciated us being there, and the enthusiasm made it even better for us too.” stated Garcia.

Along with the kid attractions one could dig in to delicious goods such as pizza, nachos, hot dogs, and tacos. The audience could have a drink of horchata, Jamaica, and pink lemonade.

“I enjoyed how people were interacting with each other's, and the teachers, as well as the kids, were being introduced to a new culture,”stated sophomore Stefany Cruz. “The atmosphere in which we performed was great. By the end the dancers were tired, but it was worth it seeing the smiles.”

“I think Los Paisanos did great. Everyone was on time. Everyone was ready to give it their best,” stated director Mr. Cuadros.