The Clarion

What’s Too Much In High School?


I'd like to say that high school is all enjoyment for four years, and for the most part it is, but there comes a limit. A limit where each student feels themselves developing and coming to acknowledge that high school is what sets them up for their future goals.

Don’t get me wrong, I have and do enjoy every activity I participate in. It has been my goal to put forth my best commitment into each activity. However, as a junior, I have been bombarded by the idea that colleges want to see all these extra-curricular activities on our résumés and a class schedule full of AP classes as advised by many. I seem to take on officer/leadership positions and establish a change in everything I do, all while keeping academics, hobbies, work, and my social life in line. I seem to be doing more than enough to get around, and I’m not encouraging anyone to take it easy, but I am enforcing to differentiate the two and create a healthy routine. Over the years, it may seem like I need to follow my own advice the most, and ironically, it has proven to be the biggest challenge.

I know every high schooler has come across a few all nighters in the past years, but in my case, it has become a daily. Sometimes it becomes depriving and the question arises as to what has made it seem that way. Going into senior year, I need to truly focus on my goals and what will benefit me the most. We should all be able to enjoy senior year while also keeping up with our responsibilities. I have come to realize that it isn't simply stress from becoming an independent and maturing adult, but it is an overkill. And perhaps that is the person I am. I fill every cram of my time with a new activity and continue this pattern every time it comes to an end. Just to put it into perspective, I don't come home until nine or later most days of the week, having to be at four different locations a day. It’s even more surprising to see how often I seem to have time to go out and hang out with friends. This is what my high school years have consisted of and sometimes it's a routine that I brush by on the busiest days, especially during testing, even though I wish I could truly enjoy each one in an equal and profound level. However, there isn't a doubt that I am passionate about each extra curricular as individuals.

As much as I tell myself ‘I know I can handle it,’ it's okay to be unsure and take a moment to breathe. It doesn't have to be so full and chaotic.

It has taken me a long time to truly focus on what I want, and I have come to the realization that it isn't the lack of self time I fear; it's the fear of not doing enough for college or in preference to my future choice of major.

All I have to say to Fresno Pacific University or any of my preferred UC choices, is ‘if it’s not enough, I’ll still live.’ I love doing these activities, and I’m doing them because I love them, not because schools are in favor of them.

As juniors, we can either be on the same path or possibly lost on another trail, but in all reality, we will find ourselves being okay. Senior year is around the corner and I’m ready to spend the last year of it to its full potential and take advantage of the time I have in Selma if I do decide to go away. My heart lies in this community and it may be that I can put forth the most change in the valley, the more I progress here, or it might take miles to find what I’m looking for. Wherever I’ll end up, I know that I’ll reach the same level of profundity and make a difference all while remaining as sane and stable as any college student possibly could. Of course, I’ll do my best attempt at remaining true to my own advice and going forth with what I believe is best for me. So here’s to one last year of all the adventures, memories, and opportunities that will embark me upon my future career. Here’s to making the best of it.