The Clarion

SHS Students Embrace Diversity


An atmosphere of pride and liveliness surrounded Selma High’s campus on April 26th, Cultural Arts and Appreciation Day, better known as International Day. This day provided students with opportunities to proudly represent their cultures through activities, performances, exhibitions, and dress up days. Programs such as band, choir, Mexican Dance, and art came together to demonstrate their appreciation for different cultures in their own unique way.

On this day students and staff alike took advantage of this opportunity and showed their appreciation for diversity by dressing in traditional clothing from their unique cultures.

“Not many people see the way we dress, so wearing it [an Indian suit] to school was nice. I was glad I could expose my culture to others and see other cultures that are very different from mine,” stated Sophomore Gopy Kaur.

While some demonstrated their appreciation through dress, others did so through art.

Various cultural pieces by artists such as sophomore Emma Moore, junior Rachel Vieira, and senior Jose Ramblas decorated the halls of Selma High. Portraits of Mexican artist Freida Khalo, Mayan pyramids, and cultural dancers were depicted in such pieces.

Various performances also allowed SHS students exposure to different aspects of cultures, whether familiar or foreign. Performances included those by SHS’s combined choir, jazz band, and Mexican dance. All performances included influence from different regions of the world like those from the Mexican states of Nayarit and Veracruz, Baja California, and Nigeria.

“By learning more about other cultures, not only can we appreciate them, but also come to understand them,” said Mexican Dance coordinator Cuadros.

To junior, and Mexican Dance performer, Adam Garcia, performing is a way to embrace his culture by recognizing his family’s Mexican roots.

“I want people to recognize the beauty and uniqueness of the different regions of Mexico,” he stated.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the beauty of different cultures, the true importance of this day must not be neglected.

“There is always a benefit learning about the cultures and ethnicities that exist on our campus.  It leads to knowledge rather than assumptions about these two areas,” remarked Mrs. Lambert.

Art teacher Mr. Cox thinks of this day as a valuable experience and praises SHS students for their open-mindedness.

“Today’s kids love that our country is so diverse,” he stated.