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Sophomore Anna Armstrong Named State Champion At State History Day Competition


Selma High sophomore Anna Armstrong was named a state champion at the State History Day event, which was held at William Jessup University in Rocklin, California, on May 5-6, 2018. Anna will now represent Selma High and the state of California at the National level of History Day.

History Day is a competition where students can create a performance, exhibit, paper, website, or documentary on any topic in history relating to the annual theme. Whether students participate individually or in a group, they must compete and interview within their school district and can then advance to county. From there, they move on to the State level and then State finals. Finally, they reach the National level.

With Anna’s individual performance of the Love Canal disaster, she will be traveling to Maryland to contend nationally.

She is very grateful for her overall accomplishments throughout her journey to Nationals, but she owes it all to her work ethic.

“I was fortunate to advance to finals and be a California State champion, however my furthest success is definitely the amount of research I’ve done and what I’ve learned,” expressed Armstrong.

Along with Anna Armstrong, sophomore Brendan Roberts also made it to the finals of the State History Day competition.

Although Roberts will not be competing nationally, his performance will not go unnoticed.

Roberts competed in the Individual Website category.

“I feel very proud of this year’s project and the success that it had, and it was an experience that I will never forget,” stated Roberts.

Both Armstrong and Roberts know that they couldn’t have done it without their advisor, Ms. Gudgel.

Ms. Gudgel would encourage the History Day participants with their projects by having frequent questions and discussions with them that pertain to further thinking with their overall productions.

She, of course, was very proud of her students’ accomplishments.

“I am extremely proud of Selma representatives at every level,” expressed Gudgel. “We all know what amazing young people we have in Selma. It is exciting to have the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments.”

Armstrong is among those who gets to showcase her work nationally.

As Armstrong prepares to represent Selma, she is not so much worried about winning, but she is focused on spreading her message on how powerful “average” people can be.

“As I proceed to Nationals, my goal is not to win, but to spread a message to others,” explained Armstrong. “I also just want to do justice to an amazing story.”

Armstrong is also mindful of those who have been right behind her supporting her all the way through. They encourage her to do her best.

“I would not have been able to go as far as I have without the support I’ve received from my friends, family, and coach,” stated Armstrong.

Bear Nation wishes Anna Armstrong the best of luck on June 10-14, as she competes at the National level and represents Selma High School.