The Clarion

Graduation: The Start of a New Beginning


The Class of 2018 is all set to walk across the stage and live the moment they’ve dreamt of probably since elementary school. They are ready to graduate after the four years of fun, blood, sweat, tears and joy. They will definitely leave a legacy behind them with all the records they’ve set in academics and sports.

Before the Grand Finale (graduation ceremony), there are a few events that will take place leading up to it.

Firstly, senior checkout will be on May 29th. Next, the Senior Barbeque will be by the pool area followed by the Farewell Assembly which will be in the main gym on Wednesday May 30th. Grad Night will be at Universal Studios on May 31st to June 1st.

The Baccalaureate ceremony will be held at the Worship Center on June 5th. Ms. Loving, Mrs. Quintanilla and Ms. Harris will be speaking at the event. Mr. Highbaugh will play the piano and Seniors Cassandra Cabral and Priscilla Preciado will sing in honor of the end of this journey.

The Senior breakfast will be on June 7th in the cafeteria, preceding that day’s graduation rehearsal. The Senior Class officers have been working on planning the breakfast.

“We’re preparing for centerpieces, decorations and little gifts for seniors,” explained Senior Class President,  Angelica Morfin. “There will be special guests to perform such as Bear Brothers and Mr. Highbaugh who will entertain us while we eat.”

“The Class of 2018 will be very special to me because it is my last class.” shared Mr. Babiarz. “It will be my 36th time attending the graduation ceremony. My first one was in 1985 and just like you miss your last dance or any last experience, I will miss this class on the note that this was an outstanding class.”

Finally, the graduation ceremony will be held on June 7th at 7:30 pm in the Staley Stadium. The Class of 2018 will be the last class to graduate at the stadium, until it is remodeled.

“High School went by fast for me since I did a three year plan, so it’s a bittersweet moment,” shared Lucinda Soto. “I’m really looking forward to the Farewell Assembly because I’ll be with my friends and it’ll finally hit me that this is it.”

“I’m looking forward to new beginnings, but I’m going to miss the extra curricular activities I was involved in and making special memories,” expressed Stephany Ocampo.