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Drama Club’s First Annual Showcase


The first annual showcase was held on Friday, April 27th , in the Dining Hall at 7 pm. The program began with a Prologue from “Into the Woods”, and was followed by individual performances of monologues and musical numbers.

The group prepared for the showcase by rehearsing two days of the week, for three weeks for about two hours.

Many have shared their excitement in hopes of growing next year’s program.

“I’m looking forward to meeting all the new recruits that are coming from the middle school.  As well as having the opportunity to be at the Drama Club sign-up table for club rush next year!” said freshman Joseph Charnin

It being Charnin’s first year in theatre involvement, he shares that he feels welcome to be apart of such a talented group of individuals and can’t wait to invite more to have the same experience.

The seniors have appreciated the moments they’ve had with one another, and enjoyed their last time to perform with the drama club.

“I will miss Mrs. Saponara and Mrs. Nieves a lot,” said senior Cassandra Cabral.  “These two will always remind me of the love I have for theatre.  I couldn’t have survived high school without them.”

Senior Luis Almendarez remembers building the club from the bottom up, and has been impressed with the growth of it throughout his high school career.

“My most memorable part about being apart of the program would be looking back to my freshman year, before “Little Shop of Horrors”, me and a few other students were putting together a half an hour show, and that was basically the first showing of the drama club,” said Almendarez. “Next year, I would like to come back to their performances and see more boys on stage and getting involved in the theatre.”

As for sophomore Sadahri Wren, she’s ready for the program to grow and welcome more people explore their talents with close individuals.

“My favorite part of drama club was the family aspect, its special that we are able to come together as a group and create something beautiful,” said Wren.  “The most memorable things for me was the practice-runs and the mishaps that came along with them!  Improvising on the spot and minor falls all make the show something to remember.”

Mrs. Saponara, the director of most of the drama productions, wants to build the program for students to find their talents, and more people to have a good time with.

“We have so many kids involved in choir , so this is a cool opportunity for them to get to sing, as well as for the other kids to perform a monologue from a show,” said Mrs. Saponara. “I want to grow it, and have it be an end of the year, last minute ‘hooray’ for the all of the students, especially the seniors.”