The Clarion

Selma High Choir Sings the Night Away


Selma High choir members performed an end-of-the-year concert which included a Senior Night on Thursday, May 17th.

This concert evoked mixed feelings due to the many seniors that were performing for the last time with the Selma High Choir.

“This concert was bittersweet. The last concert has always been my favorite, and it being my last one ever made it even that much more special,” said senior Stephania Velasquez.

Songs that the choir performed included “Brave” by Sara Bareilles, “This is Me” from “The Greatest Showman” and “You Got A Friend in Me from Toy Story.”

“All the songs were very interactive. It allowed all of the choirs to come together and have fun for the very last time this year,” exclaimed Kailee Ortiz.

Selma High’s choir has exceeded everyone’s expectations.

“This concert really surprised me. It was unlike any school event I’ve ever been to. The music was great and everyone sang amazingly,” stated spectator Nizeth Salazar.

The skits in between each song, though some were humorous,  all had meaningful messages behind them. The concert held a consistent message of being bold, brave, and confident in oneself.

Along with this last achievement of a great performance, the Selma High choir will be saying goodbye to many talented seniors who have been apart of the ACDA Honor Choir and other competitive choir groups.

“The choir has grown immensely this year. I am really looking forward to continuing with current members and meeting some new faces next school year,”said Selma High Choir Director Mrs. Peckfelder.

Selma High School’s  Choir has been able to fill the school year with accomplishments and end on a fantastic note.