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Boys Tennis Hits Their Way For the Next Season


The boys varsity tennis team went to the playoffs, but fell short against CVC High School. However, they brought strong record of wins as the season started to come to an end. This hardworking tennis team pushed for more wins and accomplished this goal, quickly improving through drills and routines on the court. They’ve improved on accuracy and strength on hitting the ball that created a stronger strategies for them to use.

“Being on the court through extended practices was always worth it since I’ve improved on my accuracy in games and during practices,” expressed junior Amit Dadra. “Working on my errors in tennis during practices has definitely made me a better player and I’ll definitely be playing on varsity again next season.”

With a hardworking reputation, players are aiming for further opportunities to win for, for the following season. They have created an open atmosphere the team has created a bond within the team, when it comes to giving advice on the tennis court.

“As my first year I’ve learned a lot of the basics since I’ve had the good help from my past teammates that's made me a better player,” expressed junior Fidel Felix.

With a strong lasting bond the team created, they believe that together they will strive even further with progress and the same bond.

“We definitely made an environment that was open to mistakes to fix and made a team that expects encouragement from one another,” said Dadra. “Though we know we didn’t win much games, we’re a gonna be a better team knowing that the better the bond the easier it’ll be to pick eachother up.”

The team is aiming for even higher goals that has been strictly set for them for the following season to come. Though the team didn’t get to the end of their season in coming back with a trophy, the team is excited to keep their new bond and strong strategies alive.

“When I’m out there playing with my teammates, it feels great, knowing that we have a better chance next season since we’ve got familiar with how it feels to have better skills on the court,” said Felix.

With high expectations of themselves, the team is ready to be back on the court with their heads high and new talent to win the next season stronger than they ended the recent one.