The Clarion

Trick Oreo Treat



October’s Flavor of the Month was Trick Oreo Treat, a mild and pretty standard flavor compared to the more adventurous ones which have been tasted in the past.

Trick Oreo Treat is basically the classic Cookies N Cream, with a Halloween twist, as there are pieces of Baby Ruth and Butterfingers swirled in. As fans of all three of these flavors, we personally enjoyed this very much.

The mixture of Oreo cookies filled with orange-creme, the peanuts and caramel from the Baby Ruth bars, and the peanut butter from the Butterfingers bar makes for an excellent concoction that overpowers one’s tastebuds.

However, this chewy, candy-filled treat, but did not exactly deliver on the “Halloween” theme it was aiming for. It seemed to lack the spontaneous element most of the flavors of the month usually contain.

I guess we could be grateful for the simplicity of the ice cream, which makes it one most people can enjoy and one we don’t have to criticize as much. Yet, we would rather hope for next month’s flavor to be a little more adventurous.