The Clarion

Bears on Campus


If you could take any teacher to college with you, who would it be and why?

Stephania Vasquez

“Mr. Tank because he’s a party guy and he would always tell us party stories.”


Daniel Resendez

“Mr. Alcoser because he seems the most chill and he looks like he knows what he’s doing.”


Harleen Sandhu

“Mrs.Tackett because she has the same personality as me, so I know we would be bffs. Also, she could do my math homework for me.”


Manny Singh

“Mrs. Peña because she’s well experienced and knows a lot about Biology.”


Danae Vargas

“I would take Mr. Mitchell with me because I’m a math major and would want all the help I can get.”


Isaiah Jimenez

“Mr. Moz because he’s the manliest man and he can be my bodyguard.”


Hailey Garcia

“Mr. Filkins because he laughs at my jokes and his bald head would give me good luck.”


Luis Ramos

“Mr. Lane because he always makes me laugh.”


Maria Hernandez

“Mrs.Quintanilla because she's outgoing and knows how to live life to the fullest. At the same time, she can act like my mom.”


Rahul Randhawa

“Mr. Garcia because he’ll help relieve my stress by making me laugh.”


Gissell Guzman

“Mr. Mitchell because I want to major in math and he’s really good at explaining it.”


Justin Martinez

“Mr. Terran because I like his work ethic and drive. He would motivate me to the point where I would get the work done, so he doesn’t get on me about it.”