The Clarion



Props & Chops


  • To all the spring sports teams making it to playoffs!…#BearPride
  • To all the talent show participants...your talent blew us away!
  • To the FFA AG Mech team placing first at Championships...way to represent Bear Nation!
  • To the teachers who put up with us all year...keep holding on, we’re almost done.
  • To the senior class of 2018…#WeMadeIT


  • To no Powderpuff or Olympic Week for 2 years in a row...where’s the school spirit?!?
  • To the two weeks of AP testing…#IOnlyDidItForTheMemes
  • To the DJ at prom...better music could have been played :/
  • To Mr. Babiarz leaving Selma’ll be dearly missed!
  • To the senior class know you’ll miss us ;)