The Clarion


Christmas or Giftmas?

By Manmeet Kaur

What is the purpose of Christmas? Why do we celebrate this magical holiday? Christmas is the annual celebration of the birth of Christ. If you’re not Christian, Christmas is celebrated for the presents, the food, and the fun. It’s a holiday celebrated by people everywhere, regardless of their background. In addition, Christmas is a time period filled with gift giving and receiving. Christmas is about good will to one another and peace and having that warm feeling inside that, unfortunately, most of us only get at Christmastime. But is that how we all celebrate Christmas?

Nowadays people care a great deal about the gift they are receiving rather than the reason they are getting the gift. I’m sure most people are guilty of this. I still remember Christmas ‘09 when I cried uncontrollably because I got socks for Christmas and my siblings got “cooler” gifts. I didn’t even appreciate the thought put into my gift. I only cared about what I was getting. Or can you relate to those gift exchanges where you got the worst gift ever and secretly hoped you could return it? Sounds familiar right?

Kids are growing up associating Christmas with gifts and nothing else. It has become a popular holiday only because of the gift-giving part. Christmas has become a materialistic, consumerist holiday in America and is just another reason to spend money. America as a nation does not celebrate Christmas for its original purpose, but instead are all just caught up with the sales and we forget the joy that comes with celebrating Christmas for the little things, such as decorating the Christmas tree or seeing family that you haven’t seen in awhile. Only sales occupy a person’s mind. “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” are just useless events designed to put people in debt and stress them out.

The world needs to understand that Christmas is not only about the gifts, but it is meant to spend time with loved ones, and perhaps even do some good will and help out the needy.

This year, try using Christmas as a day to spread love and peace, and appreciate your loved ones. Throw your greedy thoughts out the window and just enjoy yourself. Consider the thought someone put into your gifts, because they are given to show love, not to please Christmas lists. Try being a bit more humble this year and appreciate the joy of Christmas.

An early Merry Christmas to you and yours.