The Clarion

SHS Hosts Senior Breakfast


On Friday, April 13th, Selma High School held its annual College Breakfast.

The Breakfast is held by the Selma High School administrators, to honor and reward the graduating seniors that will go on to college next year.

“The administration at Selma High is holding this event because we want to acknowledge all those students who have worked hard in their four years here, and have been accepted to a four year university,” said Ms. Anguiano.

At this time, approximately 45 students were expected to attend, bringing about 120 proud friends and family members with them to enjoy the event.

“The college acceptance breakfast makes me realize that college is coming up a lot faster than I thought,” said senior Raj Bains.

He will be attending UCLA next semester in the fall.

“I feel like it’s going to be a nice breakfast where we just feel rewarded and find out where our classmates that we grew up with are going to go next,” said senior Brianna Colado.

She plans on attending either UC Berkeley or UCLA next semester in the fall.

This will be the fourth annual breakfast, of many more to come.

“We’re extremely proud and happy for those students who are achieving their goals, and wish them the very best in their upcoming future!” Ms. Anguiano added.