The Clarion

Beyond Home Plate for Bears Baseball


The varsity baseball team of Selma High doesn’t just play catch. They practice having good character on and off the field.

With the incredibly close bond they share, the teammates help one another grow, physically and mentally.

“We don’t see each other as teammates, we see each other as brothers,” expressed first baseman Josyeah Gonzales. “I know that if I’m not performing at my best, they’re right behind me to pick me right back up. So even if we’re not good, we’re good.”

Because of the astounding team chemistry, the boys are able to achieve higher levels of productivity in a happy manner.

“One thing I look forward to everyday is putting in work on the field with my brothers,” mentioned outfielder Tyler Barcellos.

The boys are fully aware of the fact that once they set a positive mindset, they are destined to go far in what they do.

“Everyone has their eyes set on winning a ring but our emphasis is on improving the process of getting there,” stated second baseman Patrick Henslee.

The team is striving to start with a league championship title, which will lead them to playoffs, and eventually a valley title.

“Taking league would be a great first step toward valley and I know we can do it,” added pitcher/ first baseman Ethan Wenter. “My teammates are all in for each other and we have 100% trust in one another.”

The boys give credit to their coaches for the foundation of all of this.

“Our coaches are the best in the business by pushing us to our limits and trusting us to do the jobs they task us with,” expressed Wenter. “No matter the situation, they are always encouraging us to perform well.”

Coach Hollett is also on the same page as his players with team goals.

“By giving one-on-one encouragement, shared team encouragement, and completing performance highlights after every game, I provide a really disciplined environment,” expressed Coach Hollett “If taken into consideration, we will be led to the success that we’re striving for.”

With an 10-7 record, Selma High’s baseball team will face Dinuba tonight at 7 pm on their home diamond.